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The Crowd: Gentlemen’s Smoker raises funds for student scholarships

The 23rd yearly Gentlemen's Smoker praised another mid year evening on the gold drift pulling in excess of 100 natty gentlemen in overcoats and Hawaiian shirts, raising $70,000 for the Balboa Bay Club's Student Scholarship Fund profiting school destined youth from the Newport-Mesa school area.
Facilitated by Balboa Bay Club chief Leticia Rice and Balboa Bay Resort GM Sam El-Rabaa, visitors paid $250 and more per situate at the round tables fronting the bayfront as filet and lobster was served matched with perfect wines by Trinitas Cellars under the supervision of official culinary expert Rachel Haggstrom. Music was given by the Gary Gould Quartet.


There is always a Teacher who hates you for no reason.

teacher: where  is your homework?

student: ohhh written in the starss!

teacher: where is it?

student: a million miles away

teacher:*sigh*what did you write about?

student: message to the main, ohhhh

teacher: do you want to go to summer school?

student: seasons come and go!

teacher: change your attitude!

student: but i will never change.

teacher: go to the headteacher's office!

student: i'm on my wayyyyyyyyyy!

teacher: wait...isn't that a song?...

stu dent: (take s off earplugs)

So today I helped out an old teacher of mine and she now works at a school a couple towns over. One of her students kept asking me questions about myself and finishes off with asking "Does you money look different than it does here?" She is in 4th grade and has probably been to my town multiple times in her life
As a student, you're either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. ...or all three
As a student, you're either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. ...or all three
Dear student who finished the test in 5 minutes, I HOPE YOU FAIL. Sincerely, still on the first question.
How School works:
"Make sure you're always here and ALWAYS do your work~!"
Does all of my work, lacks sleep, gets sick.
Comes back:
"Bad student, you're supposed to stay healthy~!"
Gets even more work and the cycle starts all over again .-.
(I have literally had mono and many stress induced sicknesses from school. This is insane.)
"Are you taking any foreign language classes this year?"

*In World History*
Teacher; *Shows us old paintings (Some contain nudity)*
*Naked man painting pops up*
Guy: *giggles* Sorry, my bad.
Teacher: It's okay, we know you get excited when you see paintings of nakes men.
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