Stupidity Quotes

The fact that someone disagrees with me doesn't make that person evil or stupid.  To disagree with me they would have to be evil or stupid already.
The cranial cavity is the shortest bus of all.

Religious Wars

People are stupid. Many agree that there is one creator, but they see each other as enemies because of the names they use to point to that creator. Can they not imagine that a creator of that magnitude would be equally misrepresented by all names?


Race isn't a real thing. Ask any biologist. We are all one species, and we vary across many inherited phenotypical features. It's just as silly to arbitrarily define race by skin color, as by any other feature. Would you say “the race of muscular people” or “the race of musical people” in a rational discussion? You wouldn't, because you would sound ridiculous. It's just as stupid to say “the race of yellow people” or “the race of red people” in a rational discussion. It's complete trash, the speech of ignoramuses.
How stupid are we? North America was covered in gigantic roaming herds of buffalo eating grass and fertilizing the plains. In the winter, they grew more fur and used their snouts to dig for the frozen hay. It was a perfect system. All the people had to do was take the meat when they got hungry. They didn’t have to do anything to maintain the abundance because the buffalo and grass had co-evolved and were in a perfect balance. Now we’ve replaced the buffalo with cattle from other continents that get sick all the time and have to be fed antibiotics, which we end up eating second hand. We keep the cattle fenced in, preventing them from wandering to where the grass is growing and forcing them to tromp over and excrete on the same ground until it turns to smelly mud and dust that can’t support life. We grow grass separately and put fences around it to prevent animals from eating it. We have to plow the soil every year to keep it loose enough for the grass to grow in, since the hooves that used to do that are locked out. Then we spend time and energy harvesting the grass and transporting it to the cattle where we've trapped them. Then we spend more time and energy collecting the fertilizer and carting it back to the fenced-in grass. How stupid are we?

"A piece of unsolicited humble advice to one who tries to brag the long tenure size with a single organization as his or her loyalty-
Request please don’t misguide own conscience and observe the point of view of others who can see it only through their eyes."

~Anuj Somany
I'm so stupid I can't even win a debate on whether I'm stupid or not!
Friend: WHAT do we even talk about most of the time? ewe

Me: Well we often comment on each others stupidity

Friend: Oh yesh how could I forget

Me: Because of your stupidity

riend: You son of a-
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.
A freshman sucked one of my friends dick just to get some weed then was stupid enough to smoked it in the school bathroom, got caught and suspended....
What has this world come to??
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