Stupidpeople Quotes

If you really want to be taken seriously

Then please do not nickname disorders or mental illnesses
for any reason
Just seriously
It is totally ridiculous
Because mental illnesses and disorders are not people
or friends
Why nickname them and turn really serious issues into complete jokes?
It does not make you look cute or hipster or trendy
It makes you look immature and foolish
So I do not care how you act
if you nickname a disorder and actually expect me to believe you think it is serious and you actually suffer from it
Sorry, I do not
Computers used to be associated with smart people
But this is not true
Because anyone can use a computer, it seems
even truly stupid people
which is honestly scary
There are so many crazy, unbalanced people online...its actually scary...people like this just should not be allowed access to a computer...Seriously, how do you function in life on so few brain cells? So glad I can block these idiots...They have no idea how truly dumb they are
She said:
How dare you... don't call me your friend. You two deserve each other. Good luck
My reply:
Thank you! We were never friends. How dare I you broke up with him you can't expect him to cry about you for the rest of his life. Get over yourself my dear.:)
Some people are literally so stupid, the fact that they act so stupid, yet know how to operate a computer, is pretty scary
You shouldn't waste your time arguing with a stupid person

Becuase you won't win. It's not that the stupid person somehow outwitted you

It's because they do not have enough common sense

So they are never going to see your side of things, no matter how insightful or wise

you may actually be, no matter how much more common sense you have than them

In all their stupidity, they are going to somehow believe they are right

That's part of being stupid, not recognizing that you are stupid

You can tell when a person is truly stupid and ignorant

Why bother wasting your energy and attention on them?

Some people are literally so stupid, and do such stupid things

It makes me wonder how they are allowed to exist

People should be tested regularly for common sense and how much knowledge they have

And all the people who score low on the test should be required to pay a fee

People who are smart should be rewarded for using their brains

That would be cool
People who make jokes about anorexia are so stupid

Sometimes I wish I was an octopus
so I could slap eight people at once.
I am tired of people with no medical backround telling me about my own body, or the bodies of others. 

Please, to anyone who listens to people without a medical background, no matter what website they go their information from, please don't go off of what they say.

Stick to what your doctor tells you, not what some random person says he or she found online. I don't want anyone getting sick or hurt because someone without any medical jurisdiction thought he or she could play doctor for a little bit, or saw one video on youtube and now knows everything. I am not saying that everyone on here lies about whatever medical knowledge they spew out, but just don't go off of that alone. Consult a professional before anything, please.

This is not meant to offend anyone on here, I just wanted to get this out there.
Can't stand people these days. Like grow the fuxk up already ...
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