Suck Quotes

i hate my birthday. its always the day i feel like the biggest burden.
I've been on witty for the past like three years or so, and I still don't know how to make cool quotes and/or how to make my profile amazing. 
The lonliest moment in someones life
is when they are watching their whole
world fall apart, they can't do anything. 

I wonder how many hobbies you have to suck at, before you take up bird watching.
Whenever I get a paper cut I take that paper and light it on fire in front a line of other papers just to show my dominance.
Why do people think I'm the bad guy here!?
I'm not the one that cheated.
I'm not the one that lied.
I'm not the one that led you on.
I'm not the one that forced things upon you.
I'm not the one that rolls around in your mind night and day.
I'm not the one that sends you on a downward spiral.

You're the one that cheated.
You're the one that lied.
You're the one that led me on.
You're the one that forced things upon me.
You're the one that rolls around in my mind night and day.
You're the one that sends me on a downward spiral.
Why can't people see this that I'm not the bad guy here!?
Dylan Miller can suck my

s u c k  m y  a s s
going on the story section of witty always manages to make me feel throughly depressed 
I’m right here,
when you
gonna realise
that I’m your
C   U    R   E,
heartbreak girl


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