Sunglasses Quotes

If I took off my sunglasses, everyone else would have to put on theirs.

Trencher Problem #126

When you
can't put
on aviator
sunglasses without
"Snorkelfin Bogwater"

When I was younger, I used to draw the sun with sunglasses on. I'm just realizing how much of a contradiction that is.
Putting sunglasses on inside instantly makes you the coolest person in the room
Him: *wears sunglasses inside*
Me: The only people that wear sunglasses inside are blind people and douchebags and you are not blind.

u May Think Ur Cool
Buh u Will Never Be
A Cat Riding
On The Back Of A
Dog Wearing
Sunglasses ;D

when i die i want to be buried wearing a pair of sunglasses so that a few decades down the line i will also be a cool skeleton 
And just like that,
My heart starts to love you like I never thought it could .
Ok so my mom and I were at the laundry mat today to dry our clothes (our dry stopped working) 
Me: *says something about my bra*
My mom: I was washing clothes earlier and Michael (my little brother) picked up one of your bras
and said, "Look mom, sunglasses." I said "No bud, that's Tay's bra. I was laughing so hard.
Me: ._.

Don't Look Through Tinted Lenses
It only allows you to see the dark side
Of A Bright Day...
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