Survay Quotes

so I have a problem....... I took a shower this morning and then I made my WHOLE house smell like fruit salad..... did i use to much soap? 
favorite colours- Purple,green,red black,blue,not pink
favorite food- Chinese,curry,icecream,
favorite music-eh metal/scream/pop not into rap

hair up or down-both
make up would u perfer?- mascara,eyeshadow, eyeliner or just none
what clothes do u perfer?- tank tops, jeans, somtimes tracksuits
best friends-Sabrina,Melissa,Cyrstal, Chloe etc
perfer short or tall boys?-tall
taken or single?-single
have u kissed before- no :L

R a n d o m , s u r v a y.
you single ?- yes
whats your favorite colour?- i have loads, lime green,black,violet,red,grey,white, light blue. hate pink
what is your eye colour ?-  mix of shades like blue ,white,brown and green. o.o
whats your hair colour ?- inbetween brown and blonde.
height- around 5ft somthing
weight - honestly dont know.
school - attend highschool
have you dated a guy or a girl- nope
what clothes do you perfere ?
t-shirt or dress  - t-shirt
skirt or jeans ?- jeans
boots or converse - converse
mascara or eyeshadow?- mascara
wavy or striaght hair - striaght but my hair is natrually wavy
liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner - both :3

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