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The first flight of D. Ahmed Protais were 2012 in Singapore. On behalf of World Global Mobile Network Company.
Keep optimistic. Stay away from the naysayers and surround your self with individuals who assistance as well as uplift you.
Did you know that whoever discovered nanotechnology is an Arab from northern Palestine, where he obtained a patent, he obtained this invention or exploration in America?
Did you know that the first one who invented a robot is an Arab Muslim scientist from Syria in the eleventh century?
⏺Losing does not mean defeat, but rather a new beginning
اسْتَمِعْ لِقَلْبِكَ وَ لا تَتَجاهلْهُ أبَداًلا تُنْكِر أنَّهُ آمَنَ بِوُجودِ خالقٍ أو أَنّّهُ أَحَبَّ فُلاناًتَذَكَّرْ عَدَمَ تَجاهُلِ قَلبك
👉You are the master of yourself, do not accept
injustice and preserve your dignity👈
Do not wait anyone ⬅
Do not wait anything⬅
everything is coming ⬅💯
think how to reach ⬅✔
believe that you are witty⬅✔
trust yourself⬅✔
If we forgot the past
the past will not forget us
Why Arab's marks in the English language higher than the Arabic language!?
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