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Dang, there was a time when Witty was full of people. I miss that time.
Aren't we all just lonely souls?

Hey! I'm starting to post my poems on here and I was wondering if I should actually do that. These poems date back to at least somewhere late 2015/ early 2016 all the way to now.
COMMENT  if i should or shouldn't.
LIKE if you at least saw this. 

Thank You!!-WIGBM
~Never fall in love. Fall off a cliff. It hurts less~

 Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand
is the beginning of a journey


you're a sky full of stars
such a heavenly view


just stop acting like i mean something to you

because I know I dont

but everytime you look at me

i feel my muscles fall numb
i feel trapped in life
~\If I did what you did, wouldn't you be mad too?/~
I should have noticed that everytime I said I love you, you never said it back
I guess I was too mesmerised in your eyes that I believed our illusioned utopia would be everlasting
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