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that's a fine looking high horse
this is hungry work


maybe the only way to to live in this world
is to, every day, tell yourself a lie—a harmless lie.

to say,
 i will not die.

got replaced again.
note to self: don't ever cook again for the little sh/ts you call siblings.



living with,
  living with,
                                           living with,
and not dying from disease!
Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn!
Lvie Boheme!                   
La Vie Boheme!                                  


          “I wanted to write down exactly what I felt

       but somehow the paper stayed empty.

       And I could not have described it any better.”


                                                 (I'm just not really in the mood to exist.)
id love to go out but theres this new album that i really want to cry to so like
oh look


10 Confessions

1. The hypothetical situations I come up with are rarely hypothetical.
2. I relapsed after 742 days of being cut-free, and I hate myself for it.
3. I want a bunny. I want a bunny. I want a bunny.
4. I'm afraid my ED will take over as soon as I move out.
5. I have a friend who sees me as his mother figure, and it scares the hell out of me.
6. My imaginary friends and stuffed animals are much too real to me.
7. I once tried to commit suicide as a gift for my friend's birthday.
8. I would snog the living daylights out of him if only he had any living daylight in him.
9. I'd absolutely love to go into theatre.
10. I comtemplated skipping number 9 because I hate that number so much.

I had to do it...I was dared.
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