Talk Quotes

I always think before I speak.  I always think "I think I'll speak now."
Before all is said and done, all will be done.






'Open secret' isn't an oxymoron, it's a redundancy.
If anyone ever wants to talk, I'm here, just message on the comments of this
Nobody but you
   'body but me
  'body but us

I was saving up money to get someone in my family something nice. but then my family annoyed me as a whole. so I just spent multiple hundred dollars on myself. even though I should probably have kept all that money due to the fact I won't have a job soon. but whatevs. can't stop won't stop.
Person A: You are a fool and big Zero.
Person B : Wow ! If I'm behind One twice I can turn it into hundred : P
If you can’t write, you can still talk, right.
Should I say something dumb to give us something to fight about?
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