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I'm so angry! So my math teacher gave me an f as a final grade which I thought was weird because I knew that I passed my final. Although I skipped like every other day cause I didn't like him but anyway. I emailed my guidance counselor seeing if I could retake the class online because of my anxiety and I didn't want to retake it my senior year. She emailed me back and was so confused. I didn't fail his class. Wasn't anywhere near failing his class. I'm so angry. I've always been decent at math. I've only failed one math class and it was because I didn't actually care but after that I passed every class with an A so I had no idea what he was going on about. But anyway, if you ever have Mr. Whittal at North Andover High, good luck. 
I love how teachers would say
"You need to know this, because you wont have a calculator with you all the time."
Now today some 5 year olds have smartphones.

My life be like:
Procrastinating on English projects,
stressing about gym class grades,
& getting self-esteem boosts from history teachers


I think my history teacher just
became my favorite person today.

A teacher who I thought didn't like me much called me sweet, considerate and kind, the other day. It was just a small comment, but I'm not someone who is used to getting compliments so I haven't forgotten it. To add onto that I had a presentation today that I was really nervous about, and I turned out to be one of the top two. The teacher also mentioned that I sounded really confident and at ease while presenting, which was the complete opposite of how I was feeling, so I'm just so happy right now. I don't know why I'm posting this here, but I guess I just want to document this so I can look at it when I feel like I'm not good enough. I'm just so hard on myself and sometimes I need a little encouragement so yeah. Thanks Mrs Khan and Mr Mahmoud! I may have brushed off those comments but I love you more for them! :)

My English class will forever be my favorite class because my teacher is young and he understands how society works
I mean it when I say that my teachers have imacted my life in so many ways and I don't know what i'd do without them. This week hasn't been easy since my dad's best friend had passed away on Sunday night and he was the last grandpa figure I had in my life. So yesterday during lunch I went to see my old consuler and talked with her for a little and it helped, well i guess she had went to my old teachers and told them i was having a bad day yesterday, so today i was by old math teacher's room and he came up and asked how i was doing and if i was a little better than yesterday and i told him yeah, he then told me that if i needed anything to go to him and he will be there for me and same with my other teacher's Peth, Robson, Nemmth (who was my old consuler) , an etc. It makes me feel so much better that i know no matter what they will always be there for me. When i graduate next year they will be the first ones who will be invited because without them it wouldn't be happening.  They are the best support system i have and im so thankful and greatful to have them by my side through the good and bad. 
Substitute teacher talking to a student: *fake cry* Teachers are people too!

One of my teachers: When my food stamps got cut off, I wanted to slit my wrists!

^ Officially hate this teacher!

"As long as you haven't died and you've had something to eat, it's a good day."

~My AP World Teacher
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