Terrible Quotes

Don't you hate it when someone upload a group photo where you look terrible and on top of that they tag you in that photo!! õ.õ

I can't stop you from uploading pics. but please don't tag me EVER...
And the point was it not, that you wanted to make her happy. Yet you made her feel like her world was crashing down around her. like she was on fire and choking on the smoke. she loved you with a fire that couldn't be doused with water. it'd need to be doused with something stronger than love. but you gave it all. you operated on her heart, and you said you would fix it. "there won't be any leaks after this" you whispered before she fell asleep. but she knew never to believe you, yet she put everything she had on the line for you. yet you could never repay her. instead, you left her bleeding on the table, and slowly her heart slowed and she became something else, something she never wanted to be. dead inside.
I was bored, so i wrote.

No one really cares until something dramatic happens or it involves us directly. We're all so selfish. Society has made us into terrible human beings.

Do you ever,

Just burst out crying at,

how much your life sucks?

Or do you ever,

burst out crying because,

you feel alone?

That's me.

That's me almost everyday.


So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose.

If given the choice, then I'm begging you choose,

to walk away, walk away, don't let it get you.
the struggle of being tired, but having restless leg syndrome

you write so beautifully: the inside
of youminmusbe terrible place.

ive only had two hours of sleep and now i am babysitting, my day is off to a bad start
Phew finally the test is over! 5 hours of sitting in the same chair... Its terrible! Luckily school is almost over now!!! YAY!!!
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