Test Quotes

You never know wether or not you will stand by your morales until he tests them.
this is an example quote
I'm testing you why can't you see that...
Shout out to the first person to turn their test in!

I hate it when I am taking an exam and the teacher decides to stand right next to my desk for 5-10 minutes and looks at all of my answers.  
Its just. 
Why me? 

test - this will be deleted
Yesterday in chemistry we had this quiz on the laws of thermoynamics. We were only suppose to write down two of them, but we got extra credit if we wrote down the others. The teacher started handing out pieces of paper to the 16 students in my class, I was the second one to get a piece of paper, and I managed to finish writing all of them down, along with my name and the date before the teacher had finished giving everyone a piece of paper. When I exclaimed "Okay, done!" The only person who wasn't surprised was the cool guy whom I have a crush on and his response to everyone asking "what? How?" was "Come on guys, does this really surprise you?" Today we got our tests back. . . 
I got all of them correct.
I think if I ever had to do the inkblot test
I would be labeled insane,
because my imagination is just too wild.
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