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wow i thought we had something

special but then you didn’t text me back

and just ignored me and that’s when 

i finally realised that someone like 

me doesn’t end up with someone

like you

I hope that someday you find someone that gives you butterflies the moment you meet them. And that the first time you touch, it feels like electricity is running through your body. I hope that when you're with them, you never want to leave. I hope you are the first and last thing they think about every day. I hope you play it cool in front of people, but can't keep your hands off each other in private. I hope that when you give them you your heart, they don't break it. I hope that the things they tell you aren't just things you want to hear, but things they want to say. I hope that you fit in their arms better than the last piece of a puzzle, and that you always feel safe when they hold you. I hope that when you fight, you fight hard, but that when you love, you love harder. I hope that once you find them, you can't picture your life without them. I hope that they take your breath away. I hope that, together, you create happiness. I hope that with them, you're not afraid of the future, but excited for it. I hope that, every day, they tell you how much they love you. I hope that when you find them, you realize if before it's too late. I hope that you take them and love them and never let them go. I hope you find it.

-Lauren M. Smith

"i'm drunk and thinking about you. you're so precious and i just want to keep you safe from everything that could ever hurt you and god i miss your cute little smile and i just want to kiss your scars and show you the world and bring you flowers and write cute little pictures all over your body and make you tea or coffee or whatever you like and god thank you for autocorrect because i can barely see straight to type this."
I recently graduated High School, and I am now in college.
I haven't been on this website since middle school, so bear with me.
If any of you have any questions at all about high school, or just life in general, feel free to comment (or however you guys communicate on here now), and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Advice, help, resources, any questions at all, I got your back. 

You all have the potential to do great things in high school, all you have to do is try. 

Text Text

Text text text text.


It's four am and I am here and I am typing this. I am going to be an idiot to be the one that presses send. I know that you won't come back or reply to this, but I want to say somethings, before it's too late. I miss the way that you would look at me, the way that you would grab my face and kiss me, I miss the late night calls where we would talk about things that made no sense and that would make me look like I was an idiot. I remember you hugging me and telling me it was going to be alright when I was sad and alone. Then you left, and I was left completely in the dark. I don't know what I did. But you said you didn't love me anymore. And I guess I have to accept the fact that I will never have you back. But I am feeling better, and if you look at me in class, or call my name in the hallway. I won't look at you or respond to you. You have hurt me in ways that I can't even begin to explain, but I know that you're no good for me, or anyone. I am letting you go now. No matter how much I loved you. I miss you, yeah, but that will change, I will be stronger and wiser about my next. Don't try to call me at 3am because you feel bad and you miss me. I don't love you like I did yesterday. 


I hate always being the one who has to start the conversation. I'll just look desperate. You haven't bothered to talk to me all day and it's making me question if you even want to be in a relationship with me.

I live my life in A minor
a sadness I treasure
the sun never shines through my window

A part of me that died
left me a widow that just won't wear black 
I live my life in A minor 
and I hear all of my songs come true


Avoiding human interaction
when I don't get paid for it
No smile in pictures
when I take them of myself
Staying inside all day
because I find no sensation

I grew accostumed to the doom
of someone slowly fading
away in their room

It's sad, for you, it's a waste
you probably never tried
to dwell in your own place
question what you've been taught
accept nothing that's free
never participate in the lottery
why would anyone give you anything?

It is not the nature of men
Yes, the earth is beautiful
there's a lot to catch up on
watch me as I catch up on it
in cafes, book stores,
my whole day off 
reading, writing
letting happen
avoiding my phone

Vibration Training:
there's no department of 
Keeping Forever yet
so you learn to forget,
set to reset
train to get fat
You are destined to be gone
Coming and going is the same
that you can take nobody with you
is the only difference
Nobody, except the music in your head
the music stays
it is your only companion

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