Thank Quotes

I remember writeing
i was always writeing hoping someone would see it
about it...
one did
ut that did not stop me from writeing
y words where my escape from my life
could write of love, mystery, and a hero
one saw the pain though
the pain my words
was silent for so long
when i finally began to scream
out my pain and suffering
my men
tal abuse and physical...
I wa
s told to be silent and i was
i l
eaned on someone
o took joy in my pain .
By the time i relized that she took apart of me

I went to my words
only friend my only friend
nd i made my art threw them
y words made me feel alive.

hope people fellow humans
an find the same love threw something
as constructive and not become destructive
s so many are now.

thank you, witty. I haven't logged on in over two weeks and it's become clear to me that today is my time to move on. I joined witty back in 2011 and have met some of the nicest people possible (I'll thank you later). But today, as a junior in high school, I've finally reached what I came on Witty to achieve: happiness. At this point in my life, witty only distracts me from school work and personal life and I simply have no more time to log on. I want to thank some of my true friends on here, whether they're active or not. I'd first like to thank Meagan (lovecrazy), who was one of my first friends on here. She left a bout two years ago, but she made such a lasting impression to not be afraid of who you truly are, and for that, I'm grateful. I'd like to thank Nicole (baublefaery). If you've never spoken to Nicole, you're missing out on an undoubtedly amazing human. She is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, and I'm so lucky to have been friends with you. Thank you to Sydney (girouxtiful), for fangirling over hockey with me all these years. You are one of the funniest people without even trying, and you never fail to put a smile on my face. Finally, I'd like to thank Bailey (beautifullyimperfect). You are one of my best friends, and (not to offend anyone) my best friend on this site. Since we started talking almost 3 years ago, you've dealt with my crazy mood swings, many crushes, and heartbreak. I know that things are hard for you right now, but I promise that one day, a guy will see how much you're truly worth and treat you like the queen you are. To everyone on this site, I wish you the best in your future and hope that you all succeed and follow your dreams. ~ love always, ally (irrestible)


Hey everyone!ā˜» I'm Vee, and I have had the urge to start writing a blog after reading Zoe Sugg's book 'Girl Online' which can I say is truly amazing! So, anyway I was inspired to write a blog of my thoughts and feelings because I have a wild imagination and my head is constantly being scrambled up in tangled off thoughts, I have been told to write them down in a diary... I didn't make it past 3 pages!! I have always found it easier to type however, my mind just sends pulses to my fingertips and it all spills out. Can you relate?  I should probably tell you about my blog..

My blog will be a themed sort of blog with each post different with a subject e.g bullying but it will be on my views and experiances. Other times it can be any random thing like favourites, I'd like to surprise you everytime. However, this time it isn't that amazing.. I was going to do a topic but I thought it would be weird doing it without explaining my blog and what's actually happening. So here I am making up the script as I go. I have already got some subjects and topics lined up for a couple posts BUT what do you guys want to see? It can be about anything you like, leave your ideas in the comments!! PLEASE FAVE FOR SUPPORT♥

Lots of hearts and kisses,

If I ever get hit by a car
Thank the man behind the whell
Because he took me away
From a place I didn't want to be
And if I ever get shot
Tell the man behind the trigger
That he just did
What i was always
Scare to do
Lets thank the first people to go outside on snowy days.
They're the ones who leave the footprints in the snow that everybody else walks in throughout the day.
The More I See You by Chris Montez from the album The More I See You released in 1966

Everybody's Fool by Evanescence from the album Fallen released in 2003

Eyesight to the Blind by Sonny Boy Williamson from the album Eyesight to the Blind released in 1951


Given Up by Linkin Park from the album Minutes To Midnight released in 2007

Mum by Sliimy from the album Paint Your Face released in 2009


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