Thankyou Quotes

Thank you for the wishes, Steve :)
The smell of your hair puts my stomach in knots.
I want to lay roses at your feet.
I want to pray at the church of your hands.
I want to thank you for every awful thing you ever did to me.
No one will ever be able to knock the wind out of me again.
Not like that.

Not like you.

  four wonderful years 

thank you for allowing me to find myself through this website and for creating beautiful friendships with even more beautiful people. thanks for the endless love and support given to me by those who followed me or commented on my profile. thank you for the thousands of quotes that made me laugh, cry, and inspired me through out the years. thank you to anyone I have come into contact with on this wonderful journey.

thank you ♥

Today marks my fourth anniversary of joining witty. I really don't have anything to say that is any different from what I have said in previous years. I guess I'm just making this quote to acknowledge my veteranship and appreciation of this website because it's kind of hard to find a website that has captured your interest and has kept it for four years. So thank you Steve, thank you followers, thank you to all of the amazing, kindhearted people who have talked to me on this website (you know who you are). I hope we can continue to share this experience with each other. 
thank you for nothing

Got big hearts, 
but they're just some kids


Format by: Amenah


It was spontaineous,
It was Awkward,
but Boy was it Beautiful!

My Potato

Dear Friend,

What can I say tonight.
I made you smile.
You know we love you right?
Just wanted to say.
Goodnight, and thank you
for always being around.

Alex & Brian

We welcome you to the Second Chapter,

thanks for turning the other page

We acknowledge you as the Only reason

for the Progess that we've made

You're a constant reminder

WE came, We Saw, We Conquered

Everything has come so far

from where We were Before

We'll keep this Short and Sweet so I'll-




My teas gone cold
I'm wondering why
I got out of bed at all

the morning rain clouds
up my window
and i cant see at all
even if i could,
it'd all be gray.
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