Thought Quotes

If our actions are the interpreters of our thoughts, they sure speak with a thick accent.
I'll be honest, I don't understand today's society.
There's too much pressure to be something else.
Why can't people just be themselves?
Being able to open up and literally laugh uncontrollably with someone
is one of the best feelings in the world.
Fate is truly a mystery, for you never know what may happen.

A minute you were young but now you've grown.
What would have happend if you've done something before?
What would have happend if you've spoken ?
What would have happend if you've met ?

These are some of the questions that the world procures.

The threads of fate is truly a funny thing, it gives yet it takes.
but are we truly bound to the strings of destiny till our deaths free us?

Who knows ?

There are those who followed their paths, yet there are those who've gone against it.
But there is a choice.

For everything moves under an action, every ripple creates another reaction.  
Even the nicest person has a demon inside.
                                   are we inviting damage just by 
BeInG BoDIes?

"Better to write just thoughts which have got wisdom a lot than a whole book that is not even worth referring for its quotes by a sensible reader and yet be regarded as a published author or celebrity."
~Anuj Somany
When I spend all day , seems like everyday , thinking of what to just write ; it drives me crazy when I finally have the chance to I cant remember what I wanted to say . But the other day I heard hawaiian music as I was flipping through the stations on the radio . I instantly thought of all the times we sat in Mr Burnettes trying to do our work but just talking instead . I never understood his obsession with hawaiian music and the shirts , but it just kinda makes sense to me now . Made me think of two chairs on the beach with an unbrella covering both of them . The waves coming up to our toes as we drink pina coladas out of coconut cups . When it got too hot chasing eachother into the waves . Swimming with all the fishes . Meet me there one day ?
"There are enough people so self-obsessed that if they don’t see or show their own face regularly through social media, they feel so stressed that they may also fall sick for a day or two."
~Anuj Somany
If you've had one thought, you've had 'em all.
"A person who does not feel suffocation for spending own time often in the crowded place should be always probed for his/her true intention towards the people."
~Anuj Somany
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