Time Quotes

Time is tricky. You have whole months, even years, when nothing changes a speck, when you don’t go anywhere or do anything or think one new thought. And then you can get hit with a day, or an hour, or a half a second when so much happens it’s almost like you got born all over again into some brand-new person you for damn sure never expected to meet.

                                                    —E.R. Frank

this is the first time in my life 
I'm scared of you leaving me. 
Time flies – economy class.

nothing heals
the past like time

i wish i was motivated to use my talents and not throw them away
Mama said there'd be supereons like this.


we're smiling
but we're close to tears

Plan your future
Record your past
Frozen in time
Before your time
Time after time
Time will tell
A question...of time

but everytime you hurt me, 
the less that i cry

and everytime you leave me,
the quicker these tears dry

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