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Need Makeup Tips? Just comment on my profile! Any requests on tutorials or tips are appreciated. Thank you!
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Tip #1: 

Don't always ask a crying girl whether or not they are okay.
If they're crying, they're clearly not okay.

“After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.”

Weight loss tips anyone?

how to be happier than before
(much needed rewrite of an oldie)

1) love your friends as fiercely as possible.

2) take three deep breaths before you go to sleep every night. remind yourself of the simple actions your body can do on it's own. 

3) when in doubt, ask. swallow the fear of embarrassment because no one will get upset with you for needing help. learn to ask slowly and kindly. shy away from demanding something or denying it, too. plant both feet on the ground, look up, and ask.

4) protect yourself, but don't fear vulnerability. getting hurt will teach you the lesson of when to build up your walls vs. when to let them down.

5) learn to forget the negative, try to forgive the negative, always attract the positive. positive vibes will only circulate around you if you welcome them in. send out as much good energy as you feel you can.

6) make lists when your mind is restless. cataloguing your mind will help you feel there is order in a seemingly scary world.

7) try to love yourself. talk yourself up in your mind and comfort yourself when you fall. treat yourself gently. imagine you are a plant. you need sunshine, water, food and love to grow into a fully formed being. don't deprive yourself of any of these. attach your self worth to nothing at all because you're worth something stable, not something that changes. count the leaves on the trees during spring.

8) if you're struggling, just close your eyes and tell yourself you are so much more than you think you are. trust your silly manta because it's true, and open your eyes again.

i'm not saying i do these like i totally don't but I'M TRYING and that's what matters ** from the original and as relevant as ever today.

My idea of flirting is staring from afar and naming our future children.

Do not condem one for their sins unless you yourself have not sinned.

Some useful things I've picked up &
wanted to share:
• If you're ever in a dressing room with a curtain instead of a door and it won't close, use your shoe to put it against the inside wall. I doubt you wear your shoes while trying on clothes.
• If you mess up on a quote or any document really, press CONTROL+Z and it'll redo whatever you messed up on. No more deleting half your quotes.
• When putting something on a key ring, use a staple remover. It works much better and hurts your fingers less.
• If you have a crap (when you've been running for a while) then take deep breathes, almost like you're hyperventilating. You get craps from your muscles having lack of oxygen.
• Don't play his game, you'll never win. *From my mom when I tried to act the same way the boy was acting towards me.*
• If you get something in your eye one of two things works, fill a bowl or something with water and open your eyes in the water and blink, OR hold your upper eyelid and pull it as far down as you can (without hurting) and press your eyelashes to your face
• drunk words are sober thoughts, remember that when someone drunk texts you.
• If an old guys if flirting with you and you want him to stop/you feel uncomfortable (trust me, it happens and is v scary lol) just call him "sir" or be like "how old are you? like 50?" he'll stop.
• If you have really thick hair like me and it looks kinda gross when you first straighten it, sleep on it! It'll become less frizzy/thick and looks better after you've slept on your straightened hair. 
• If you are getting acne when you wake up, try washing your pillow case/sheets. Even once if you haven't showered or take off your makeup it's still likely for you to get acne.

number 1

instead of pressing backspace multiple times to delete a word, presst ctrl and backspace

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