Today Quotes

People be wanting to play this Charlie Charlie game and I'm just sitting over here like nah, brah. I don't want no demon child haunting my butt. Not today sir.
1. Get a grip.

2. What is WRONG with you?

3. It's not him, it's you.

4. Maybe it's everything??

5. It's you. It's 
f(u)cking always you.

6. Why are you so god(d)amn jumpy?

7. Seriously. STOP.

8. Hedoesntcarehedoesntcarehedoesntcare.

9. Feelings don't have an off switch, so stop apologizing for what you can't control.

10. You're on your own.

Ten things I said to myself today.
Dear friend,

I must apologize to you because you are nothing but good to us, and we forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. So a great delayed happy birthday from all of us. Friend we love you. And good luck with your first driving lesson today!

-manly Alex
I saw him today.  
Today I learned I can do anything,
as long as I keep my head up high
and my hopes down low.
When someone says "Be right back!"... you know that they aren't coming back.

i suffer

I do
Not suffer



If i got rid of my demons
id loose my angels

She didnt say i love you
so instead she said goodnight
because love means falling
and shes afraid of heights

f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3

The Laughs, The Kisses, The Tickling, The Smiling, The Holding Hands, The Cuddling, The Butterflies, The Happiness...
It All Just Adds Up To Make Me Fall For Him Even More.. 

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