Today Quotes

This is hurting more than it should 
I ain't gonna do it like a pretty city boy, imma fishing in the dark niddy griddy boy.
Dear friend,

I heard you are happy today.
I'm so glad you are, you go girl
I wanted to write you a letter again
to tell you, I love you. 
and keeping on


I am so happy today, I'm so happy I'm crying.

Okay so today this comedian was telling us a story about how one time he was putting on a show and everyone was laughing except for these guys in their 20s wearing basketball jerseys right in the front row. Well, he decided to give them a scare, so he started to make basketball jokes so that they could get involved. Then, he took a basketball from props backstage, and he threw it right at the face of the one who seemed to not care the most wearing sunglasses. The guy didn't do anything, and the ball hit him right in the head as he fell over. To his utter surprise, the guy's friends all started laughing hysterically, saying, "He's blind! He's blind!" The comedian could barely see under the heavy spotlights, so he put a hand to his forehead and peered down at the audience. There, he saw a golden retriever who appeared to be his seeing-eye dog.

And that, my friends, was what he deemed his worst show ever.
People be wanting to play this Charlie Charlie game and I'm just sitting over here like nah, brah. I don't want no demon child haunting my butt. Not today sir.
1. Get a grip.

2. What is WRONG with you?

3. It's not him, it's you.

4. Maybe it's everything??

5. It's you. It's 
f(u)cking always you.

6. Why are you so god(d)amn jumpy?

7. Seriously. STOP.

8. Hedoesntcarehedoesntcarehedoesntcare.

9. Feelings don't have an off switch, so stop apologizing for what you can't control.

10. You're on your own.

Ten things I said to myself today.
Dear friend,

I must apologize to you because you are nothing but good to us, and we forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. So a great delayed happy birthday from all of us. Friend we love you. And good luck with your first driving lesson today!

-manly Alex
I saw him today.  
Today I learned I can do anything,
as long as I keep my head up high
and my hopes down low.
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