Trueshit Quotes

Calum got a tattoo 
Michael got a tattoo
Luke got a lip piercing
Ashton made banana bread...
Why do parents get mad when you call them by their first name? Sorry you didn't respond to "mom" or "dad" the first 15 times I tried getting your attention -____-
you learn a lot in high school. you learn about heart breaks, you learn about losing friends. you take your first sip of alcohol, you might even smoke your first cigarette. you’ll go to your first party and get wasted. you might even get a car. people show you how unreliable they are, how easily they could leave. you learn to be alone, how to live with your thoughts, how to force yourself to stay strong, how to stay mentally stable. you learn a lot in high school, but i will never understand the phrase  "the best four years of your life," because it honestly has been absolute hell and i cannot wait to leave..
Things I love?
polar bears, grizzly bears, panda bears, bear bears, and bears
Everyone wants the truth but
nobody wants to be honest.

If people were nice,
everyone would be happier,
and if you're happier, then
you're nicer to people. And then it
keeps going and going.

Exit Witty, close laptop, get into bed, unlock ipad, check witty.
Girls only say " i hate you " to the guys they love .
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EW!!!!! TheZR self harms! Emo. 
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