Truestory Quotes

I know that in some ways, 
I've disappointed you
And that's why I can't ask you for help anymore. 
You always made me feel stupid, 
you always made me think I could've done better. 
You always told me not to cry,
you said it isn't pretty. 
I know that you're disappointed in me
because I wanted to know who my mother was. 
But just know that, 
I'm disappointed in you, too
For keeping me from finding out. 



I still

feel you

looking over

my shoulder.




maybe if i was attractive this whole love life thing would be easier

She's smart but she's stupidly leading him on, saying he's so cute and he's so strong.
Lapping it up, like a thirsty little dog, he sends her text sayin':
'This is awkward and all, but I love you.
You're like a drug and you have me hooked,
I don't want to be just friends anymore.'

And she sits at home shaking her head with a laugh, while texting:
'Oh my god, you're so cute.'re kidding right....?'
sometimes i wonder if people ever bother talking about me when i'm not present
i want a person to listen to me 24/7. (i know it's arrogant but sometimes i really hope for that)
that moment when you realize that the comic you've bought is not ending in the issue you have
food can lighten your mood (okay not TOO much because then you'll feel your stomach aching, trust me)
sometimes i eat for psychological reasons
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