Truestuff Quotes

Coach: There's a meet from 7am-7pm on Saturday
Me: Sorry I have plans on being sick on this Saturday
Coach: Fine with me, the meet is next Saturday, Kayla
Me: I have plans to be sick next Saturday then, sorry.

You treat her with dissrespect
but not to long ago you were
saying how much you wanted to be with her.
And how you wanted to be with her.
     STOP messing with peoples hearts and minds.
Expesially my Best Friend.
Or there's going to be problems just because you a jerk.
The fact that I would like to create another account on witty so that my friends don't know my true feelings.
So, today I brought a Twix to school, cause my crush sits next to me sometimes and I figured if I ate a Twix, he'd ask for some, and then we'd talk, cause I'm too awkward.
By the end of the block he was in my lap. 
Twix my friends, Twix.
"You remind me of Mondays"
I still check up on you
to see if youre okay
believe it or not...
Sometimes the girl that's been there for everyone else                 needs someone to be there for her .
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