Best Twerking Quotes Ever

How many calories does twerking get rid of? 
A butt load.

This year for Halloween I'm going to dress up as Miley Cyrus,
and instead of saying trick or treat I'm going to say 
"Give me a treat or I'll start twerking"


The world is f.ucking tragic
Why does everybody know about Miley Cyrus shaking her,
But not about chaos going around in other parts of the world?

And I mean more than war.

Karson: *walks up to my mom*

Karson: So, I've been trying to think of a good Miley Cyrus joke but it's just not twerking.

Me: *dies of laughter*

Mom: Oh, I'm sorry sweetie. Maybe it'll come to you.

Mom: .......

Mom: I see what you did there.

The Year 2260
English Teacher
: Ok we're going to watch a classic, 'Mean Girls'
History Teacher: You guys are getting a project when you have to research one of
the Band Memers of ancient the boy band 'One Direction'.
Health Teacher: We are studying the plaugue that spread worldwide called 'Internet Addiction'
P.E. Teacher: We are teaching you how to twerk, and ancient dance practiced in the early 2000s.
Science Teacher: We will be bringing in used iPhones dated back to the early 2000s so you
can study the way photogarphs were taken and how we talked to eachother.

If you tell a girl she can't do something, she will f.ucking start doing it.
I mean, if you tell me I can't twerk, I'll be twerking all day in your face, b.itch.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will be the death of me.

I prefer twisting.



people: *twerks in grocery store*
people: *twerks in the library*
people: *twerks on a table*
people: *twerks on a box of cereal*
people: *twerks on a slice of cheese
me: *doesnt even know how to twerk*
So the other day my brother ran into my room yelling i'm a boss bi.tch and then he attempted to twerk and the entire time i just sat there thinking "WTF is going on?"
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