Ugly Quotes

I want to have nice hair
I want to have pretty eyes
I want to have fuller lips
I want to have clear skin
I want to have longer legs
I want perfectly white and straight teeth
I want to have a smaller nose
I want to have an hourglass figure 
I want to be taller
I want to be funnier
I want to be smarter
I want to be pretty
I want to be sexy
I just want to be 
b  e  a  u  t  I  f  u  l 
so that you will love me like I love you

so, at my new job the rule is before your shift you have to count the drawer to make sure the previous person didn't screw up, and after your drawer count to make sure you didnt screw up for the next person. you are never supposed to run on anyone elses. however, since I have been training they made me run on just anyones. so pretty much I've been thrown on a drawer that was never counted from open til close and had more than me on it. the other night it was short $5. now my manager is demanding I pay that. like, there is zero proof it was me. she ran on it in the morning. every time I've worked her drawer it was short. when I haven't, it was not. but I have to pay it. I don't understand. she has a note saying you shouldn't let anyone run on your drawer because their shortages are yours. I was on her drawer so?

What man wants to lie down
and watch the world burn
in his bedroom?

Your daughter's face is a small riot,
her hands are a civil war,
a refugee camp behind each ear,
a body littered with ugly things.

But God,
doesn't she wear
the world well

—Warsan Shire, Ugly

It is 4am and I have to get up at 5am for work. I have yet to sleep. I am screwed. and I am working with people who didn't seem the friendliest. so, I am kinda scared about that to boot. working 8 hours on no sleep with people that seem mean. heaven help me.
I do like 20-30 mimutes a day on an elliptical (unless someone is home. then no thank you.) depending on what time I finally get around to doing it, what I ate, the resistence, etc. and yeah it's hard, but it's supposed to be. and I can do 30 minutes of that. as a fattie. and it gives me great joy that I can do that. and that the non-fattie people in my house, that like to make me feel like crap for being a fattie, are dead and can't hit 5 minutes (even with 0 resistence.)
Your heroes
Wear Capes
My heroes
Wear war paint
Have tattoos
And sing away the pain
Mirror Mirror
Cant you see?
What you show
Killing me.
Mirror Mirror
Cant you see?
What you show
Killing me.

   such a pity a boy so 
   pretty with an ugly heart



The things I wish I could say about you, the father of my child. I used to could say some of the kindest things, but now the things you say are cruel. You tell me you don't love me, when you used to tell me everyday. You would run your fingers through my hair now instead you'd rather pull it. You used to hold my heart carefully in your hands, but now you'd rather crush it. Instead of telling me I'm beautiful each and everyday you tell me how ugly and fat I am. You tell me I can never take care of our baby right. And when you don't have to work and I'm so happy your home so we can spend days together you leave me and our son all alone at home to hang out with your friends. Last year around this time we were so full of love we were bursting from the seams. Now you are filled with hatred towards me. I can't help that I have stretch marks and gained some baby weight but you were so happy when we found out that I was pregnant. Now you look at me with disgust and only hold your son to feed him. You never sit and talk to him for hours at a time like I do. But, I know you love him. I just wish I knew you loved me too. :( But sadly I know you don't love me anymore but I don't want our son to have split up parents so I'll take all your abuse like a pill one at a time until my body can't take it anymore.
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