Unbelievable Quotes

so yesterday my brother started having symptoms of the flu. my mom imeediatly took him to the doctors an they said yea, he has the start of the flu. this morning the same thing happened to me but worse and she said she wouldn't take me to the doctor because i was ether being dramatic or i was lying...
I have literally been through so much this past year. It's hard to believe.
Calling someone g.ay just because he wears a shirt to support breast cancer?! Seriously? This is the generation we have to live in?
omg in a couple of days it will be 2014 
holy babies
you're unbelievable

It's unbelievablhow
||||||||||||| 'ARNEVETHE ONE.

Long, but I think it's worth reading because
     of the all kinds of awesome:     

On facebook, there's this girl my
sister went to school with.
She's generally an annoying b.tch
that doesn't give a f.ck about anyone else.
Well, today she posted pictures of her
totaled car, knocked down poles that
she drove into, and a bunch of street
signs she flattened.
Want to know what the caption said?
"lol this is what happens when you
try to light a cigarette while driving."
un-f.cking-believable right?
Most of the comments were like
100 of her friends being like
"omg! r u ok???!!!???"
but there was this one kid that
actually had b.alls to say
"That's f.cking smart. It's people like you
that put other people's lives in danger because
you're worried about a f.cking cigarette.
I'm glad you hit a pole and signs instead
of a car full of innocent children."
She commented back saying something like
"thanks so much, that totally made my day better :\"
And that same kid, which I now respect so much, replied
"Yeah I'm real worried about making your day better...
just as worried as you were about lighting a cigarette."

I swear I like love that kid now.
I can't believe I fell for him again...
It was the worst mistake ever
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