Valentinesday Quotes

Roses are red,
Voilets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you!

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just to keep y'all in the loop, when I went out with the overly
obsessed guy on valentine's day, it was a disaster. I canceled
the night before, and he said that it was fine, and in the morning
he randomly showed up at my house and still expected to go out.
before we left, he did that move where he asked how long
it'd take me to get ready, even tho I was ready (sorry bro, you just 
showed up at my house, when I was still sleeping, I'm not going
to go take a quick shower.) then, he took me to chinese, and I did
not want to go out to eat, like I just wanted to go to walmart or
something tbh. anyway, he made me order food. I ate small pieces
of chicken that I could slip into my mouth fast and in one, neat, bite
and made a rice, chicken, and broccoli castle with the rest. after,
he took me to his cousins house, which was something I asked him
not to do, repeatedly (he didn't even tell me until we got there, and I
told him multiple times to not make me go to see anyone- guys. do.
not. respect. this. ever.) and he basically forced me out of his truck to
go inside for "a quick second." we were there forever. his uncle kept
making fun of me, and they all made uncomfortable jokes that crossed
the line, for me. I was wearing my lavender "fluffywuffy" boots, and they
would not leave me alone because of it. the guy I was with said "yeah,
she has matching lingerie" ... I basically just met him that day, so I felt like
that was hella inappropriate. and then the r.ape jokes. they said my boots
made me look like I "just r.aped the cookie monster" or that I "just r.aped
barney." it was the uncle, but the guy I was with knew that I had s.hit 
happen to me, and he repeated the jokes directly to me and laughed so
hard one would think he would have s.hit himself if he laughed any harder.
fast forward to being home, he was apparently talking trash about me, and I
didn't get the whole entire story until today. basically he said I wouldn't talk to
him, and made everything awkward. I tried talkting to him, but if it wasn't about
him, he didn't want to talk about it. then he said "I paid for her food, and she just
played with it." um, excuse you, you made me order and I offered to pay for my
food, but you made me go into situations I didn't want to be in, so I decided to
keep the whole $6 my food cost. plus, my rice castle, with a surrounding wall
of chicken, and broccoli embellishments was fab. oh, and he told my best
friend's mom that I tried to get him to buy me alcohol?? lol I made a joke.
he was bragging about being old enough to drink and was talking about
getting drunk all the time so I made a comment like "ayee, hook a sista up."
I guess jokes about r.ape are better than jokes about underage drinking.
who knew.

tl;dr -
my valentine's day sucked, and self proclaimed "good guys" 

are literally never good guys. if you have to fight so hard to
convince people you aren't a bad guy, then you sure as hell
aren't doing something right, and maybe you should stop.
A little bit of an embarrassing vent but no one can love or comfort a daughter like her mother. About 8 years ago my dog, Mandy died. She was more than a pet, she was family. When she died I was heartbroken, but my mom gave me some peace of mind. Because I wasn't there to bury her, my mom buried my favorite stuffed Ty. teddy bear named Valentine with her. The reason Valentine is so special is because my mom gave it to me for Valentine's day years prior. It made me really happy to know that part of me would be with her. But Valentine doesn't have to look after Mandy anymore. I know my mom is taking good care of Mandy. I love you most, mom. 

~ Forever your Valentine, 
The first year I'm not single on Valentines Day and my boyfriend is ditching me to hang out with his best friend...
Happy valentine's day for everyone ☺
no, but guys, there is this one
dude that really wants to go out with
me. I decided to give him a chance
even though I don't think it'll really
turn into anything. he offered to 
take me out tomorrow. but like I
have only seen glimmpses of him
in person (twice, actually) and he's
obsessed. like he keeps talking
about marriage and engagement.
I haven't even really met him. like,
way too soon, buddy. 
Valentine's Day?
More Like the Day Before All the Chocolate is 1/2 Off
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It's valenitines day and I am sitting here, and I am typing this message to you. Please be someone that can be in my life. I don't need it to be in a more than friends way, but I need a friend. Someone like you could bring me back to life. I have felt so much darkness and pain, I want to feel again. Please let me in. It's cold out here.


Valentines day is next week and I will still be single and recieve nothing like I have for the past 20 damn years of my life!
yes i have a boyfriend
yes i still think Valentine's Day is overrated

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