Vegas Quotes

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my plan was to come home and play ps4 until everyone else got home. but instead I've literally just been sitting in silence for like the past 3 hours.



                                                              give me one last kiss
                                          while we're far too young to die

far too young to die - panic! at the disco

Without a
doubt you're
all I

Dream about

-All Time Low.
"Vegas​" |So Wrong, It's Right


"What's something that only has one arm? A slot machine" ~My father
Need Advice Please???:
So there is this guy, I met him in Vegas and didn't hang out with him because I liked someone at the time. The person I liked played me and my emotions and the guy I met was there for me when I was having the worst of nights. I've started getting to know him and I realized that he is a good person. I'm scared that i have feelings for him because i know he is soooo bad for me, and if I tell him how I feel, I'm scared he'll hurt me.
What am I supposed to do?
Shut up and put the money
where your mouth is.

That's what you get for
waking up in Vegas.
I'm counting down
The mile marks to every town
And falling more in love
With the distance put between us
We get high, we let go
We've got more than we know
My friends are a different breed

I would've married you in Vegas
Had you've given me the chance to say "i do"
Couldn't make it more obvious,
could you be anymore obvious?


Whenever I leave a friend's house ,
the moment I step out of the door,
I have to put my outside world's face , 
pretend like we didn't do all the
crazy things we did and
I look at them like I'm saying  
"Everything stays in Vegas ... "

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