Vent Quotes


He was a burning scarlet red
and he liked me because I
was an ocean of swirling blues. 
Suddenly, he touched me and I 
was a violet sky at sunset.
& that was when he decided
that purple just wasn't for him

He is Forbidden in the most tempting way. Eyes that ignite my body into ravishing flames,begging to be put out with his lips. Lips that speak words like silk sheets, I want to hear over and over again. I do not know him, have only met him merely a handful of times but I feel sizzizling electricity in between us ,every encounter He is forbidden in the way his whole demeanor says warning; danger ahead. I can't help but want to move forward , can't help but want to meet the demons dancing behind his predator like eyes. Eyes that devour me whole. He does not see me in the same way however , as far as I'm aware. And if he did, god, fear and thrill would twine into one and course through my veins viciously. But he is older,experienced, dangerous and your friend. Forbidden
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