Vent Quotes

Do you ever feel like you're waiting for someone
not a girlfriend/boyfriend
just someone who makes an effort to get to know you
and make you open up
someone who makes you feel like its going to be okay
who can make you laugh until your stomach hurts
someone who just GETS you?

I swear to God, 
The next time I hear a girl called a sl.u.t I am going to flip my lid. Using
that word to describe other girls, makes it seem okay to guys to use that
word. And that can lead to guys thinking that it is okay to treat women like crap
for simply doing what the can with much less criticism (though not none entirely).
If someone (male or female) wants to explore and express their sexuality, they
should be able to do so without criticism. If you call another person by that word,
then you are demonizing the action. You are also demonizing the person for doing
something that is fun, that feels good, and that isn't hurting anyone. So stop
using the word to describe people, just because they don't meet your standards. 
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