Vent Quotes

there can't be a worse feeling being someone's second choice


Yodon' t  love me,
 You're just lonely             
   and she won't answeyour calls 

The blue sea created by the waves
and hues of your eyes washes over me,
caresses my fingers and cheeks,
submerges my whole body
into a state of relaxation and comfort,
a hideaway where no one can disturb the resting.
My eyes close for a brief second,
taking in the beauty of what is in front of me,
breathing in the vanilla twilight of each word you speak,
opening my eyes to a neverending world of blood and sand,
lies and torture fed to my soul from a boy once so pure,
so dignified that I got lost in the way he moved.
Daggers pierce my floating body,
coming up from the dark sea below,
each hitting a new spot on my broken body,
scarring and tearing at my feeble skin.
Panic and disbelief are injected in my veins,
straight from the source,
the drug,
that kept me alive once before.

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