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I Don't Really get It! When I talked About VIDEO GAMES with some Guy who told me He is a bloody "avid" Gamer, he Gets all annoying and stuff because ik more and have played more videogames then him -_- and he tells me to stop talking about it. And said I'm a freak about videogames! I mean doesn't AVID means curious and really into the thing you are talking about? 0_o ppl don't knw how to use words now-a-days, If yu don't know the meaning then DON'T BLOODY USE IT!
Blade and shadow, silence and death.
Confession 38

I have been obssesed with the video game Zelda, as long as I can remember.
There's this employee at the
gamestop nearest to me, it's
actually right beside where I
worked seasonally at, anyway
this guy is like suck a d.ouche.
First of all, he has to dress really
fancy. Like normal employees
wear gaming tees and cargo
pants or something, but this
guy? He wears a button-down,
with dress pants, and weird shoes. He even gels his
hair. Basically he looks like he
is going to prom or something.
Secondly, he doesn't know s.hit.
I tried to buy a new power supply
for my xbox, and he refused since
they "rarely go bad" and he urged 
me to buy a new xbox since that
was the problem (his words.) 
Anyway, I left p.issed off, but if I 
was going to argue him any further
I was going tomake sure I was 
right. Which I know I am. But yeah,
then I was telling my friend about it
and she had issues with him, too.
Her boyfriend wanted to buy an
xbox arcade, and the same guy
kept trying to sell him the pro saying
it was the arcade. Like, dude, how
do you even have a job there? You 
don't know s.hit. You're pushing 
products on people when you don't
even know what they are, and you're
refusing to sell products they need
because you think you know better,
when you actually have no clue.

idek how this turned into a long
rant, but moral of the story is don't
trust video game store employees
that dress like the company attorney,
because they're probably d.umb as
f.uck and love to argue customers 
that just want to buy something 
without a hassle. 

Me: *saves video game*
Me: did i save
" The body may
heal, but the
mind  is  not
always     so

Hello fellow gamers.
What games do you play?
Me: *saves videogame*
 Did I save?
I know what makes them tick
I know how to make the ticking stop

- Orianna, League of Legends

My life is like a video game
Trying hard to beat the stage
All while I'm still collecting coins
Trying hard to save the girl
Obsticles I'm jumping hurtles
I'm growing up to be a big boy
I'm just trying to keep from dying.
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