Vlogbrothers Quotes

 We have this weird

thing in the world

where you don't get

insulted for what you

, but for who you

( John Green )
"GAY is NOT an INSULT"|Vlogbrothers


Amenah's format
"You can't know what an experience will mean to Future You until you are Future You."
~John Green

When you're furious with you're parents or you think they're terrible, just remember: You vomited on them and they still kept you!  -  John Green


Boys you don't want to date

Boys who don't
like smart girl
Format by Breeze
"So in fact, the circle of boys you don’t want to date is larger than, but entirely includes, the circle of boys who don’t like smart girls."
-John Green


John Green cooks food with 3-year-old son, Henry...

John: You take the celery, and then you add like, peanut butter and raisins and it's called "ants on a log."
Henry: I don't want peanut butter on it!
John: You don't want peanut butter on it?!
Henry: No!
John: What are you, a Communist?!
Henry: Umm...yes!
John: You are?!
Henry: Yes!
John: That's a surprise...but you know what? I'm just happy that you're politically engaged at your age, I think that's great.

What's Michelle Obama's favourite vegtable?

            nerd girls are the world's greatest underutilized romantic resource.


-John Green

We can build worlds with words. We can tear worlds    d


                                                                                                        -Hank Green

How do you make an octopus giggle ten giggles?

You give him tenticles.....

(ten tickles..... hah)


I fell in love the way you fall asleep: first slowly, then all at once.
-John Green
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