Waitwhat Quotes


my last words are probably going to be "wait what"


I have this classmate who is good at everything. Only flaw is that he/she picks her nose in the most obvious moment and no one knows what to do about it.
I literally almost favorited a Greek Yogurt ad.

if you’re ever mean to me i’ll seduce your dad and get him to marry me then i’ll be your stepmom and i’ll disable the internet every night at seven pm don’t flip flappin' try me

Snookie is on Dancing with the Stars.
And shes not that bad.
*Runs into a chair*
Me: sorry
Chair: you f.cking should be
Grandpa: That man has homosexual hair. Or he's Swedish. Probably both.
Me: Grandpa seriously you can't go around saying people have homosexual hair. That's a little offensive.
Grandpa: I also said he might be Swedish. You never know with those Swedes.
Me: Grandpa we're Swedish.
Grandpa: Exactly.

You're not forever alone.


You're just forever


I would so f.ck the cuddle outta you.

(yes you read that right ;) )
Science teacher: I'm not an artist
Math teacher: I'm not an artist
History teacher: I'm not an artist
Art teacher: I'm not an artist
Me: o.o
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