Best Weather Quotes This Month

it's March. someone please enlighten me
as to why there's still snow on the ground.


          Me: Ughhh finals are coming up soon.
          Everyone: Finals?
          Everyone: Are you in summer school?
          Everyone: School ended 3 weeks ago.
          Me: No, my school is just scared of weather changes so we end school at the end of June.

one of the most annoying things about me is that i constantly need to be reassured that you haven’t started hating me for some reasonisn’t it weird how with some people you never run out of things to talk about but with others it’s like you always end up talking about the weather

*watching the weather channel*
Weather Man: Next we'll be tracking Nemo.
Me: OMG, Mom, Nemo is on the weather channel!!!
Mom: That's the name of the storm, you idiot.

fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me
fool me 783,977,465 times
and you're a weather man
he was cold and it sometimes hurt to touch him, he made my skin itch with the tell-tale signs of frostbite setting in and sometimes i would cringe. i never shied away though, because the pain was worth the touch, the blessing.

permanently, he was tainted blue, like lake fryxell or the Odessa sky in spring.

bundled in blankets and burning his hand with the iron, he shivered.

i loved his cheeks, they had a sign of life - they were red, blood vessels rushing to the surface - a kiss from jack frost. i was jealous.

i made him angry once and it was beautiful. snow fell from the ceiling, a blizzard in the bedroom, defying logic and reason. it did not stop for hours - it did not melt - and when his mother died; he cried, and the room cried with him - lightening and thunder; the dark roar that makes children scream and hide beneath their beds. this, too, lasted for many hours. the snow melted, and my carpet was soaked with the smell of petrichor. he apologised and i did not understand why, because i've always loved the rain - the sound, the smell, the touch, the taste.

i bet he tasted like rain.

Emotions change just like
|||||||||||||||||||||||| the weather

       it’s getting to that time of the year where everybody
         isn’t quite sure
if they should be wearing coats or not
                 like you’ll see some people walking around in t-shirts and
   others wearing coats and scarves like
nobody is
really sure if it’s actually getting cold out or not..

Ohmygod,life is so confusing.


every season is hoodie season
I can't go to school cuz the roads are so bad... we slid 20 feet with 4 wheel drive... with the brakes on... we almost blew a stop sign... guess I'm gonna have to stay home all day... on Witty... too bad...
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