Weird Quotes

what do you do when you dont really feel like a person anymore but everyone still perceives you? when nothing around you even feels real and your memories all scatter until you dont know what is even real and what is the dream world? everything that felt so vivid could never have been real and everything that you forget are the ones that are worth remembering. how do you manage to do everything that you just do when you arent a person anymore. just a shell with nothing left of you but shame, and love. so much love.

Me: I'm going to bed early
Me at 2 am: I'm gonna write a song about bread. 

Don't ever dismiss someone for "being weird"
don't ever do that 
because one day you're going to be stuck with such a bland someone with a mediocre life that you're just not happy with and you're going to find your uncontent self wondering 

what went wrong? 

So just stay weird


TruLY GreaT
weird so that today, YOU AREN'T CALLED ANYTHING.


There are depths within me that even I can't comprehend. How else can anyone not drown in the
ocean of my mess?


I'm so fuc//king weird it's like: 
I'm the nicest rude person you'll ever meet. I don't give a fu//ck  about anything but at the same time, I care about a lot.
I hate people but I develop crushes easily. I hate myself but I'm completely fabulous.
I need help.



The Unknown
By: Chasitia

It causes fear
It brings curiousity
It makes you tremble
It creates panic
It frustrates you
It makes you believe
It shows threat
It beacons of dispear
It symbolizes evil
It helps you sweat
It sounds of madness
It bestows upon you weakness
It swirls with danger
But what is "IT"?

Nobody knows.
white lips
pale face
breathing in the snowflakes
burnt lungs
sour taste
light's gone, day's end
struggling to pay rent
long nights
strange men

me: *feels like something is wrong with me*
me: haha nah, I don't need a doctor. it'll go away.. or I might die.. not knowing is what makes life exciting.
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