Whatamidoing Quotes

my ghosts have the summer
to run free
to rediscover
every crevice of me

they have been hidden away
for too long
behind my eyelids
and between my fingers

they are a part of me
and will be treated as such
i cannot hide
in my own walls

and i will relearn my life
every part of it
as it has happened
and as it will be

the mountains still stand tall
after earthquakes, and each rock
to have been loosened by the shaking
only leaves a new handhold to reach the top

who cares how high i fill the bath water when i'm already in over my head i don't remember what it's like to sleep no matter how often i say i am going to bed and dont fŲcking touch me because i'll probably shatter and for god's sake don't ask me what's the matter

*puts snapchat text over area of insecurity*

You life is a movie and it's running through the roll-film fast.
You need to decide which ending you're gonna have.
You gotta decide who lives and who dies.
And you gotta decide if it'll end happy
or sad or just plain fücked up.
This is your movie.
And it ain't no one else's
so don't let them try
and fücking direct it.
This ache I feel has become a part of me and thus, it has also become a part of my life.
what's it like to hibernat-
when it comes to loving, i'm not chasing you


you're on my mind more than my boyfriend.
...this can't end well.
Justin Timberlake should put out a cereal.
Justin Timberflakes
Justin Timberlake opens up a bakery.
Justin Timberbake
Hey look, it's Justin Timberlake at a barbecue! He's making
Justin Timbersteaks
Justin Timberlake lip syncs
Justin Timberfake
On Justin Timberlake's birthday he gets a 
Justin Timbercake
baa baa black sheep have you any-
[bass drops]
[loud dubstep]
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