Whoami Quotes

you don't know me
you can't know me,
because i don't know who i am
i look in the mirror and see a girl.
she looks and talks just like me.
but when life decides to take a dramatic whirl,
is my reflection the same as can be?

my reflection smiles and laughs a lot
she doesn't let anything get to her.
everyone thinks she's quiet, but her friends know she's not
but there's something that one doesn't infer.

when she gets upset, she doesn't say a word.
she keeps her mouth shut with her friends
because they have learned
even my happiness ends.

so really, who am i?
i can be super happy, but if could you read my mind?
you'd cry. (nm)


You're finding yourself falling for a guy, but he isn't doing things for you that you would do for him. And your mind wants you to think that he's the one, but is he really?

You see, basically, you probably have a crush on a trash can.

What if every time he didn't text you back, you received a slice of moldy bread?

What if every time you saw him doing the special things he did with you, with another girl, you received an old banana peel?

If you had to eat an almost empty box of stale cereal for every time he lied to you and ignored you, your teeth would break off because the cereal is rock hard.

If you had a carton of rotten milk for every time he led you on, you'd probably die from the smell of that sh;t.

If you're reading this with being able to relate to most of these situations, and you're still thinking,"Oh, well he's still so perfect", stop romanticizing a container of spoiled vegetables.

No matter how mesmerizing his voice is, no matter how hot he may look with his hair a certain way, no matter how well he dresses, in the end, it's all...just...a pile of garbage.

And if he ever does these things or anything else that makes you hurt, ask yourself: are you in love with a human, or are you in love with a pile of waste?

You deserve better than a trashcan.

I don't even know who I am
or what I want.

It's like I am living in a stranger
whose actions I will never
be able to predict.

Somewhere in the past three years I've managed to lose who I am. And at this point I don't really know who I am now. Or at least who I'm supposed to be. With every mishap, ups and downs, everything changded around me. Including myself. I never truly realized it but now I do. And I have no idea how to go back to my old self or if I even want to. All I know is that with change, comes hell. And none of it is any fun. 
I juswish I knew who I am..
I juswish I knew who I am..
Drinking alone to see what feelings I'm concealing from myself
Still after 18 years of living
I haven't discovered
Who I really am

I don't really know who I am as a person.
And that really bothers me.

I don't know what kind of a person I am,
what kind of people I fit in with.

It's really lonely.

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