Whoami Quotes

Maybe oneday I'll make a change in this world.
I need to take a break from LIFE.
I don't like to talk much.
I'm pretty quite and shy.
I like to stand outside and listen to everything around me.
I like to stay quiet and let my imagination run free.
I usually nod and listen to people talk.
Talking blocks that all out.
I've always been that girl
Who knows who she is
But now I have no idea
Who I am or I was or
Who I'm supposed to be
I don't know who I am. I love you because you are teaching me who I want to
Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show, who i am inside
I like people calling me by my name

                                                                                                                                                                    I forget who I am sometimes
We all want what we can't have... It's true, I have a hard time picking 10 things I like about myself that relate to who I am on the outside.
am I a good person who does bad things, 
am I a bad person who does good things?
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