Wishful Quotes

Will you ever say those three words that mean alot?
Anyone know who Cookieeater15 is????? Please help????? LOL i'm weird

Will i ever get another chance?


Please don't get tired of me.
It happens every time. People lose interest in me. They get tired of me. Suddenly, they don't bother hitting me up anymore. The conversations become shorter. They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. I wonder if it's my fault sometimes. But then I realize that people never stay in my life. And there's nothing I can do about it.

I like to pretend i'm good looking when i'm really not.
I really just want to run up and kiss you.
Wishing you were the

pretty friend.
I wish memories could stay in your life forever, life would be different.
i wish i had someone to trust, to tell things to.
i wish i had true friends.
i wish i wasn't always the one to get backstabbed,
turn on, & walked all over.
i wish someone loved me for me.
i wish i was pretty, skinny, loved.
i wish i was someone, anyone but me.
If only he would ask..
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