Best Witty Quotes Ever

You know that quiet girl in class?
Yeah, she goes home and makes fun of all of you on Witty.

Okaguys, so...


        I'm going to be making a poster.

A poster with everyone's usernames on them.

It's going to take forever but I'm going to do it.

I need to know your usernames,

please just comment anything or your username so

I know to add it to the poster.

When I finish, I will post a picture of it. 

I'll give you guys the link in a quote and you can see it finished.

Afterwards, I'm  going to hang it in my room :)

Comment so I can start! ♥



a lot of my life

has been realizing that i would

cross oceans

for people who wouldn't

jump puddles for me

If Taylor and Harry were still together and I saw them:

Taylor and Harry: *making out*
Me: *gasp*
Taylor and Harry: *look at me*
Me: You're that guy from that Pepsi commercial and you're all like "and I'm Herreh!" I love that commercial!
Harry: Err, thanks.
Me: And you! You're the one that dated Joe Jonas and Lucas Till!
Taylor: *nods and smiles*
Me: And Taylor Lautner! Oh, and John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal!!
Taylor: *stands there awkwardly*
Me: Oh! And that guy from Glee, umm, Cory Montieth! OHH and Zac Efron! And Eddie Redmayne! 
Taylor: Uh...
Me: Oh, and I can't forget Connor Kennedy!! ...Dang, that's a lot of guys... *looks at Harry* Good luck, bro. 
Not meant to offend either swifties or directioners. just thought it was funny. Follow me and I'll follow back, duh.

It's funny how if you get an A
on a test, your grade goes up like 2 percent, but if you get an F on a test, your grade goes down like the Titanic.


Can you imagine if Witty just decided to shut down and you see all these
confused teenagers coming out of their house and squinting at the sun?
I love how on Witty we all have lots of sass
but in real life, we can't even say hi without messing up.
me: *signs in*
me: oh that's a funny quote
me: *fave*

witty: you need to sign in to add this quote to your favourites

me: go home witty, you're drunk.

*When I'm on Omegle*

Stranger: 19, male, England, looking for older women.
Me: Harry, get off Omegle.
Let's all take a moment of silence for the beloved website of Stardoll 
Because literally half of the Witty population came here because of Stardoll, and then ditched it a few months later for Witty.
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