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///// Fave If You Love Witty \\\\\

The top quotes have 8 or 6 favorites?!!
Come on witty mates, I know you can do better :)

Make a Picture Quote
Comment a link to a quote with your favorite format.

I will add the format as a button in the new quote editor.

Think of it like an instragram filter for words.
The quote editor has had problems recently.
I'm thinking about making a new quote editor.
If I were to make a totally new quote editor, what would you want in it?
Updated Feature: Chat
Hey Everyone. I updated the chat today. This new chat version works on phones! (yay) Let me know what you think.
But oh, darling, I'm home
Hey Everyone!  I need some help with Witty.

More than two thirds of the people who visit Witty are now using a phone or other small mobile device.  If Witty is to prosper again, it needs to look great on mobile.

The question I have is: How do I deal with "fancy" formats on mobile?  Most of the current formats are too wide to fit on mobile and become unreadable.  Should only the desktop version of the site have the fancy formats and the mobile site just be plain text?  Should I convert fancy formats to images that get shrunken to display on the mobile site?  Maybe you have a better idea.  Comment please!

Been on witty for 4 years now,
and still don't know how to make my page have a cool background,
or do cool fonts and quote backgrounds, etc. -cries- 

i Just found out that my ex-boyfriend
had a witty account that he was using while we were
going out
only now do i realise how he felt during and after
our relationship
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