Work Quotes

Don't refer to employees as 'resources,' refer to them as people.  The word 'people' contains 3 less characters, which saves on data storage costs.
Throxymoron n.  A three-way oxymoron (ex. 'work-life balance').
The start was doomed from the project.
I filled out a survey at work.  The first question was: 'Functional manager? _________________'

I wrote 'Rarely if ever.'

I work in an error conditioned office.
It's the end of days somewhere.
im so tired i feel drunk. what has my life become?
It’s not a 'rat race' – it's a timed, closed-course rodential scurrying competition.
The more you do more with less, the less you have to do more with less more.
nobody is gonna believe a crazy junkie so get over yourself.
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