Work Quotes

Nice to be able to work with you near and far

it is difficult being a workaholic. work and money are two huge status symbols and is easy to idolise. just makes it harder to diagnose when there is a problem. cuz society wont tell you and you think your friends are over-exaggeraring the potential problem.
i need a break can i just get a friggin break

i figured it out. my mannerisms and personality are most times pretty immature. but my lifestyle for the most part is fairly mature. this is why people think im 12 and then have a heart attack when they find out a 20-yr-old...a millenial (God forbid!) working 1 1/2 full time jobs. what is my life. time to write some music. hello old friend


but few dirty their hands to CULTIVATE THEM.


Don't do what you like,

Like what you do.
i need to sleep but my mind wont let me. is it really back to these days??
"i feel like she'd be the one i go to if i wanted to feel great about my life..." ~my boss
The more advanced the robot, the less likely that it will want your job.
the trick isn't to work as little as possible, it's to find work that doesn't feel like work, clock Gs, and start stackin cash.
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