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thomas kirkbride

Just listen to Marina and
the Diamonds and feel
fabulous for the rest
of your life.

I kind of live vicariously through reality tv and risque tv shows.
Okay wow

I just found an actual quote I personally wrote about mental illness

on someone
's instagram page

it was my exact words

and people were sayinhow  good it was
and it had a lot of likes on it
but they did not know
I was the one who wrote it
which makes me kind of sad
but still I am glad it inspired people
When you are casually scrolling through a page on Tumblr
and you find your own personal writing
with actual notes from where people have reblogged and shared it

a ton of times
I just saw this...I had no idea. People actually shared my own words
Like, in a way I am flattered because obviously my writing
 is good enough to be shared or to inspire people
but still
You may relate to my opinions and words, but you are not the one saying it and writing it
have a voice and I have a name
and my words are my own

unless you write too, you will not understand
If you would just look at me
like you did that night
everything would be alright.
Am I even worth a thing to you?
Was there ever really an "us"?
"No one can make themselves unique."

This is true. Because being unique is honest to God the most effortless thing any human being can do. All one must do is breathe, is exist. Do what they want, think how they do, and move the way they move. There is no "making" of anything. Everyone is the most unique creature on earth. There are little threads that connect us all in some way, but no two people will ever move the exact same way, or think the exact way, or like ALL of the same things. We are all woven from these threads of our own creation. We grow and change ourselves everyday, waking up new every morning at least the slightest bit changed. The world shifts us in such minute ways every moment we are here, we barely notice it. We change our minds, we confuse ourselves sometimes, but we're all different. No two people taste foods the same way, nor have the same fingerprints, nor would write a sentence the same. We all function in different ways. Our priorities, our morals, our inner thoughts. We're all different and unique. Sometimes it may be in a more obvious way, such as having stark white hair, or violet eyes. Or maybe it's simply in the way we pick up a glass. That's why artwork is so expensive after the artist has died. Because no one will be able to paint like that artist. It wouldn't be the exact same.

We're all different, unique, changing people. We walk, talk, laugh differently. We all have different faces, different feelings. We love all kinds of people for different reasons.

There is nothing forced about that.

Existing is not to be faked nor forced.

(Sorry about the rant, guys.)

Are you happy
with the state that
~~~~~we're in?~~~~~
Taking an online quiz

or readin
g symptoms of a disorder

and self dia


have the actual disorder....

self dia
gnosing is ignorant and lazy...

If you were really t
hat worried,

you would visit a doctor

hear a professional opinion...

because lots of times, people do not actually

have the disorders they think they have,

all t
hanks to tumblr

g mental illness....

having a mental illness

does not 
get you special points in life
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