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"An effective way to say as who is morally RIGHT is that if a person does speak or write the corrective things consistently, then the networking people often tend to ignore him or do not like his thoughts ever."
~Anuj Somany

damn, i just wish i could write well


writers fly without airplanes
If you canā€™t write, you can still talk, right.
Do you ever read really lovely words

and say

Beautiful. I wish I could write like that
I do not
Because I already can write beautifully

But I still admire ot
her people's work 
I can literally think of words to rhyme together so quickly
sometimes I do not even need to write it down
I just love to write
But mostly
I love to write poetry
I write so much and spend so much time thinking for myself
that if some person does copy or reuse my writing
all it tells me is I am obviously  good at what I do
and unlike some people who cannot even think for themselves, I always am
and I never run out
of words to write down
Just because you reblog or copy a beautiful piece of writing or a beautiful quote
it does not make you
a beautiful
or a creative
or an inspirational person
unless you are actually a person
who sits down
and creates your own words
and shares your own creativity
just because you relate to something
does not mean it is about you
writers write for a reason
not so our words can be passed around
not everyone is the same
just because you cannot write
does not mean you are a less of a person
but copying someone
is not exactly inspirational or creative

If i do not think you will understand

or listen
I will not even say it
I will write it down

I do not waste words
I can easily write

to the sound
of rain
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