Wtf Quotes

Just got a tumblr and I have no idea what I'm doing omf 
I really hope that you see this and realise how betrayed I actually feel. I trusted you and then you go and do this to me.
Sometimes I feel like my life would be so much easier if you didn't exist.
I've gotta stay high all the time,
Just to keep you off my mind.
Holy crap my stomach just made a noise that sounded like a whining puppy. O.O
Does anyone else get weirded out when guys have to wear those hair net thingys on their beards???
Nothing is better than having friends that keep secrets from you and then don't explain them when you ask. That's just the best. 
Some f├╣cking random person just tried to sell me birth control pills. I mean, what? I'm not even 14 and like 5'3. Do I look like I need birth control pills?!

Looking at a bruise you didn't know you had like
"wtf man?"


Boy: Hey Babe.... It's over.
Girl: Wow Wtf, PhFuck you I slept with your brother BTW.
Boy: Wtf, I meant the football game.
Girl: Well, this is awkward.

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