Wth Quotes

He's so cute but he's such an a**hole.
I miss him, wth is wrong with me?

Brother: I have these senses in my eyes or some shît and so I can't get lost.

Brother: You look like those endangered species of meerkats in Libya

Brother: So if I see checkered floors, it's illuminati? *googles zebras* What about that?
Sister: Those are stripes!
Brother: Same thing..

Brother: When I say vintage rod, what do you understand?


I'm sorry that I got older? xDD

“I don’t know you that well. But we meet every now and then. I want to see more of you. I want to know more of you. To get even creepier, I want to smell you and touch you. But don’t touch me, I’ll die. To get more romantic, I want to know what makes you weep, so I know when me and you should be back to back ready to take on what scares you. I want to know what turns you on so I can do all in my power to keep on a lustful high. I want you to get to know me, so you can validate my existence.”

If you call someone else hot and I have a crush on you,  
 I will literally fall apart.

Omg Wth-___________________-
I hate the Twitter step-by-step beginner thing.
Maybe I didn't want to follow 5 people, Twitter. But thanks anyway.
People who hate Pokemon
have a serious mental problem.
There comes a moment in everyones life that they stop and say WTH??


how come santa can watch kids sleep and it’s ok but when i do it they scream and call the cops? fkin kids

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