Years Quotes

Ok so I have discovered my old witty account and turns out my old laptop has the old password. Ever look back on your posts and think: Wow, I was one moody teenager ? It's like travelling back in time!
It's been almost two years.
somehow everything still revolves around you,
but I still don't exist to you

it has been two years since
I lost my best friend
it hasn't gotten any easier.
maybe because he was my person.

the wasted years, the wasted youth
the pretty lies, the ugly truth

"I don't really wanna stop myself
Nobody's gonna tell me I need help
Are you coming over soon?
I meet you at the darkest time
You hold me and I have to shut my eyes
I'm shy, cannot be what you like"

I found true love,
but I never knew myself,
and even though it hurts,
I can't love someone
without learning to love myself first.
cause then we'll both be in ruins.

Credit for this format goes to alpaca prophet
Dear  Friend,

Whenever we start talking again, it's like we never stopped.
I can't imagine my life without you. You make my sadness disappear
with your beautiful smile. I wish I could have met you years ago, 
beacuse maybe I wouldn't be so sad all the time now, but I'm not
going to lie it hurts me more to see you sad. 

Thank you for being my friend

Been on witty for 4 years now,
and still don't know how to make my page have a cool background,
or do cool fonts and quote backgrounds, etc. -cries- 

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