Yep Quotes

i feel that walking has become another chore,
i don't think i can go on walking anymore

Okay, new plan. Find something you can look forward to every day, however small or trivial it may be. Drag yourself out of bed. Let's try things that way.
Even the things
that seem still

are always


And I wonder if I ever
cross your
long nights of smoking cigarettes and drowning my thoughts with cheap alcohol. When will I allow myself to get better, when can I finally get everything together?
I find myself at the end of the bottle
Darling you are worth so much more than you think, just gotta wait and see.

Will you still love me
when I'm no longer
young and beautiful?


I still remember that look you gave me.
It was infinite,
I heard the stars in the sky
translating your look to, Eureka.
You even made them wrong.


Well, you let me go.
I guess I should've always known.


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