Really Good Quotes

I want to quit on her and I want to quit smoking as well because oneday both will take my life. One will destroy my heart and the other one will destroy my lungs.

memories in photos
too easy to rewrite
left as lonely shadows
holding each other tight

i'm not a stranger to the dark
hide away, they say
because we don't want your broken parts

"why are you crying, you wanted this"
no, i never wanted this
i fell in love with you because i wanted you
but i never wanted to say goodbye
so no, i never wanted this
i feel lost in a vast forest
and you once found me
so please 
find me again
if money was to bring happiness then please, be my dime
i feel rich when im with you
Don't just follow the Herd. Be like a Bird. Open your wings and Fly high in the Sky! 
With Inspiration, Liberation and Determination, you can reach any Destination.
A lot of new things happening these next few weeks. Nervous and excited. As lame as it sounds, I feel like I'm living again. Months ago, feeling emotions other than "😶" was beyond me. My depression is definitely still there. I just think about dying a lot less, and that's progress to me.
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