Newest Quotes

You say 'threat perception' like there's some other kind.
There is now no phrase that hasn't been trademarked as a band name.  (And yes, I checked, and that phrase has also been trademarked as a band name.  This one too.  And this one.)
Alert fatigue?  Don't bother, I'm already awake.
Nature provides an exception for every rule - as long as you 'make a donation' to one of nature's 'charities.'
“You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
When upon the Ark
It came time to embark
If only his family and Noah
Had been a little sloah

Work Hard, Play Harder!
you are just amazing.
i hope you live a great
life. i think you're just
the best. thank you. 
You are so kind.
i appreciated it a lot.
an angel with words
of support and advice.
God sent you to me that
day. I am so beyond 
thankful. thank you,
thank you, thank you.
once more, thank you.
and i keep wanting to meet your eyes.
everytime i catch your glance, i smile.
so you know i don't hate you suddenly.
i hope you know the deeper meaning.
i hope you see it that way and can respect
me more for it. if not, then in your eyes i must 
be a confusing hot then cold b-word.

cause my heart is that soft.
show a little warmth and it melts.

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