Newest Quotes

he's just so handsome and kind.
so thoughtful and nice.
i couldn't help it.
today, after seeing him after a while,
i've fallen again.

i'm falling
in love again

I'm not the least bit surprised that machines have become sentient. Everything gets its own fragrance nowadays.
we'll be so unique.
lyrics or novels could resemble us.
y poems we write would do us justice.
As fate would have it, fate was having none of it.
Was ignorance supposed to know bounds???
it's okay, it's a lesson learnt.
i'm too kind.
i bent myself
back a little
too far this time.
i knew you weren't too good.
heard it from a few people.
big promises, ungrateful, got a temper,
always busy, high expectations,
almost unreachable, condescending,
the pay off is never enough.

still i'm disappointed
it's tantrums, then flowers at the door.
 call me names,  then call me yours.
i'll disappear, you'll never see me again.
call my bluff, go pull me right in.
i'm terrified but i want to see this through.
what would it be like to runaway with you?
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