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"I Will Cling To The Old Rugged Cross, And Exchange It Someday For A Crown." -The Old Rugged Cross -Rev.George Bennard
Life is not a Race, but we still continue the Chase and try to be an Ace. It’s time to get out of this Maze and Truly Live with Grace.
I cant tomarrow night

 i don't hold on tightly

to what we've lost

How about around seven tomorrow night?
I'm fine with that but you are gunna actually have to see me to give it to me.
and when the fog is over and the stars and the moon come out at night it'll be a beautiful sight
She created a place in her mind after everything bad happened as a child, this place in her mind said to her that she was okay. After something else happened the place in her mind was no longer good for her, instead it haunted her. 

She lost herself. emotionless to somethings that vary, putting a facade on to show that she's happy and feeling fine, when clearly otherwise. 

((He is a different story. )) He used to make her feel even better and that she was kind of loved and that she had hope for the future, that she wanted to spend the future alive. Now she's not really sure what's next, but the thoughts of him gets her overwhelmed. Happy, sad and angry. One moment, she would be happy, that it's done, ended and the next she is sad at the fact she was never really loved. Anger comes in when he couldn't tell her who he really is and what he's like. It's a cycle of all these emotions for the past couple of days and nights.

She questions whether he is a physcopath or whether he actually loved her. It's hard for her to believe that he never loved her, the amount of times he told her convinced her. Then the thoughts of him telling another girl the same thing flood in, which just proves to her. She used to think of telling him that no one will ever love him as much as she did, but this girl probably does which pains her.

She feels so very numb when she's by herself, she's trying to find herself but it's quite impossible when she's just thinking of him. She knows she's supposed to do well this year, really well. But she's not in the right place and she doesn't think she will ever be. It's only 9 days into this year she wishes she could rewind it to the start of the year so she could hear him say he loved her even if he really didn't.

She didn't want to do what she did but she didn't think he would ever understand, so maybe now he will see.

If you can find a unicorn then you can ride it 🦄 if not then just keep looking dummy 🙂

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