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I just remembered that I turned 20 over a month ago and that in 2015 I'll be turning 21 and that's really fcking me up rn


And here we are again...
I'm back home from school on break.
I'm going crazy in this house and it's barely been three days.
I can't begin to describe how much I love school.
I always hate going home and then there's everyone else.

I've met some amazing people this semester.
I'm not entirely sure if they're the ones I want to keep in my life forever.
But right now, knowing what I know, I do want to.
As long as they want to keep me, too.

I've got my girls, and although there's ups and downs...
We always figure it out.

Before I left to come home, I made a decision.
I made the decision to do what I want, for me.
I'm not going to go based off of what my friends think,
or what my family would think or anyone else.
I'm living my life, for me.
I know who I want in my life and who I don't.
Next semester will really either make me or break me.
But I'm more than excited to get back.

I finally know what I want to do with my life.
I just hope that the people I want in my life
want me to be in their life too.

I didn't love him, I loved the skin on skin contact.
All my exes I just play em to the left see especially IF YOU LEFT ME DON'T TEXT ME
So I'll say your name
until it loses meaning
and drink what's left
in that glass bottle for one.
this is my first time on witty in the past year...
You make me as happy as a fat kid with a free pass in a chocolate factory.

no offense...
Betrayed by Love; I Pledge myself to Hate.
Betrayed by a feeling of Warmth; May my soul turn Cold.
Betrayed by Light; I now surround myself in Darkness.
Betrayed by Happiness; Forever to be consumed by Anger.
Betrayed by Angels; And so I became a Demon.

I am the wretched being that you had always feared I would become, 
Because there is no one to stop me from becoming the beast that I have always been. 

Come take a shot at me... 
I love the way you Hate Me.
It's only me,myself & I that's all I have in the end.
Hopefully moved out by the summer with this new job moving on with life by myself
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