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We could turn
Right here,
right now.


if someone said three years from now
you'd be long gone
i'd stand up and punch them out
cause they're all wrong
i know better
cause you said forever
and ever
who knew

We used to fight over who loved who more... 


One Direction Update

5/22/15 11:45 PM EDT
Hey everyone! Today was another fairly boring day. Louis is still in LA and had In N' Out Burgers. Liam is now in Monaco. Harry went back to London and was spotted with fans there. Niall wasn't seen.

Rumors: There's been a lot going on the last couple days regarding Louis being witha lot of women. I don't know the 100% truth about that but in my opinion it's his business and I don't really feel the need to talk about it much. The reason I brought it up was just because it seems to be a hot topic in the fandom.

Links: Harry in London today:
Liam with a fan today in Monaco:

It really sucks when you question your sanity and think that you might genuinely have a problem but nobody seems to notice and just think you are totally weird sometimes because you are so good at hiding it. And even then, you dont want everyone to know and give you a label.



will make you want to do all the romantic things you said you'd never do.

Studying doesn't mean working hard to achieve good grades and passing all your tests. It's a contraction that stands for "Student dying!"

Our hitting the arm,
our names we made,
the words we wished
to say instead of names,
was a simple: I love you.
How to do math:
1. Write down question
2. Cry

My silence 
is just 
another word
my pain

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