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something in you
lit up heaven in me

we're gonna rise till we fall

love your imperfections, every angle
tomorrow comes and goes before you know

Maybe I have fallen numb to the chirping of the birds early mornings, since I do not remember the last time they annoyed me. Rather they caused such a heavy weight to fall upon my heart, reminding me that I returned to consciousness, and was stolen from the illusion that consisted of dreams I wished my life reflected. Even the rays from the sunlight passing by the curtains and exploring my room, did not brighten my gaze, instead a long sigh escaped my mouth. I was alive. I was alive, one would say with excitement. Or rather, I am alive, correct? However, the feeling of being alive, I don't remember it, nor have I felt it in long years.
I want to take you on a walk to Paris; I want children too have your nose profile...
so many nights i've been tryna forget


"did you ever wonder why someone you

treated so poorly stuck around for so long?"


Swear that I can still feel you here, I just can’t believe you’re not here. I’ve been needing you, All I dream is you... Don’t think I can make it, I don’t think I can make it, But then I hear you say that I “better not do nothing crazy Cause your mom really needs you, And I would never leave you, Cause I am in the stars, And everywhere you are. And every single little moment, Every single bit of sunshine, just Know that I am right by your side” Know that you are right by my side, So I’m gonna make you so proud, You don’t ever have to worry bout me.

how slow life is,
how violent hope is.

I have always been awkward in my human. Some people love themselves easily. For me, it feels strange, like kissing with braces. – A.G.

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