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gone was any trace of you,

i think i am finally clean


Is black
Tears are white
Since the day you left
I've been helplessly


Today, my friend jokingly said,
"You and her need to get
married, so I can be the
Maid of Honor!"
She heard this, walked over,

laughed, and went along with it.
What she didn't hear,

was me whisper,
" I w i s h . "


when two people love each other but are too
shy to admit it but they still show it 


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is poetic.
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The hardest part is, I know you don't miss me.

When I'm with you
I am Home.

You give me color I never knew Existed...

*☾✧Love? β˜†∴*°"""
*‧°βœ¦ Don't worry    *✧°..
..✧* It will just hit you like a comet  ✦..°

Sometimes it's a battle.
Sometimes it's a war.

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