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I tried to kidnap a blacksmith, but when I turned my back, he made a bolt for the door.
A nine year old girl has disappeared after using moisturizer that makes you look ten years younger.
Courage is one step ahead of fear
I can’t call anyone Punkin ever again. Not even my cat. It just feels so wrong.

"I'm going to love you," you said.
Then what is this? The type of heart you've given me...
it's the type you will never accept.
if i am being completely honest, if i am being my true selfish self...then i have to admit it.
it's been very hard for me to accept that you can't do anything for me. 

In 1097 the pope outlawed crossbows.  Today, a mere nine centuries later, crossbow violence has been reduced by over 40%.
Never mistake kindness for weakness.  Kindness has been known to kill people for doing that.
"You said it in a playful way. You were being serious. i knew but i played along. both on self-sabotage mode. i knew, i just didn't care. if you're going to ruin me, just do it. we're not coming back to our senses anytime soon. like we've always done, we'll bury this one too. another dirty secret to bring us closer. your past and mine too. they're similar. our futures...we will worry about that some other time. right now it's fight or flight. survival mode. we don't know any of that. your my unhealthy coping mechanism. we're both so serious, it's funny. you keep creeping into my thoughts. i feel myself become more like you. even your breathing is timed with my heart beat. started from your fingertips now this blue stain has made its way all over. if you're going to ruin everything, start and end with me. if i meet your eyes and don't break, it's over."
Do you that (alcohol/ الكحول)ia arab word.👍

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