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Happy Eid to everyone whose celebrating today, hope you have a great day! :)
Yesterday past, present and future ran into eachother at a bar.
It was tense.

hahaha. haha. ha. No? Okay.

"its just
you and me
-no one else

Secret letter #3

a hug is the perfect present one size fits all and no one minds if they return it

"Im breathing in
im breaking again
i see your name
tattooed on my skin"
-i only hope you're
thinking of me too

Sometiems you can't
explain what you see
in a person.
It's just the way they
take you to a place
where no one else can.

"You were like a dream
on a summer night,
i knew you wouldn't

-but i wish you would


“I love you, god damn it!
So don't you dare say
i don't care"

-please tell me that you care for me too


If they don't have chocolate in heaven I ain't going 

people say that you can't live without love.......I think oxygen is more important
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