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I prefer doing things by my own because I prefer being alone and feeling happy than being with other people and yet, feel alone.
its a taylor swift kinda day
When I was 5, I made up my mind to become a doctor,
my relatives laughed.

When I was 12, I decided to study law,
my mother said I can't,
"It's not suitable for a girl."

When I was 14, I switched again, to psycology and philosophy,
my father said they led to no future.

And now I realise that people's standards don't match,
to you, they will add up as 'double standards'
Now I realise that people's opinions shouldn't matter
-- they can't all matter

Do yourself a favour:
draw your own path,
or else you may forever regret a choice you never made.
Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean I'm happy.

Just because I'm laughing doesn't mean it's funny.

Just because I'm still breathing doesn't mean I want to be.
My life is 50% guilt and 50% regret.
If you want this fight
I dont mean push this away
I mean take a hit, a chance and
Show me you want this
If you wanna get fresh gift cards, 
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everyday gets harder to stay away from you

Some people go through life like it's a breeze
They float their way through days
And never feel the grey
And their tears fall
But they don't sting
Their temporary marks
Not always from the heart
They live lightly
Breathe so easy
No digging in
To what's within

Why do good people get bad grades?

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