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cause my heart is that soft.
show a little warmth and it melts.

             Ah, what is love? It is a pretty thing,
             As sweet unto a shepherd as a king.
you don't like quiet, not many people do.
what was i thinking, i told it all to you.
the screen can entertain me, you can
keep talking to your friend. don't worry
i don't feel left out, just want this class 
to end. 
"you're very quiet" "i'm always
quiet" this naturally awkward exchange. 

this is the real me, with no up-beat energy.
it's 9 am afterall. 
you find a new topic;
yeah i think my parents are 
proud of me. i
appreciate that thought. they must be proud,
i liked hearing that.
 we'll meet again after 10.
now small, meaningless interactions amount to so much.
sharing is caring and now i'm thinking too much.
they remind me of you, it's embarassing to say.
but i spent all of yesterday thinking about it.
all i know is we said "hello"
and your eyes look like
coming home
To me, 'problem' is just another word for opportunity.  Plus, 'problem' is easier to say.
Cultural Perspectives in Language: Entries in an Actual Dictionary 1. Bloke n. (Informal - British)  A man. ('He's a nice bloke.')

2. Dude n. (Informal - North American)  A man. ('If a dude hits me, I'm hitting him back.')

Sometimes my brain forgets what sleep is, and it just keeps going and going and going and going on and on and on and on and on and on
Prenatally, the sternum bone consists of 6 parts
the first one is manubrium which attaches with clavicles leterally,).
The other 5 parts are :xiphoid process and other four parts in the middle between the manurium and xiphoid process that later will attach together to form the body of sternum.
Lead you not into temptation?  Got it.  And what else would you like me not to do?God
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