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And I never did tell him how I really felt,
as he said goodbye to me over the static
on the other end of the phone;
I never told him how badly I wanted to taste his lips,
breathe his words in and let them fill my heart
with pure bliss and hope for the future. 
I never did tell him how badly I wanted to hold his hand,
feel the roughness of overworked skin
and flawless beauty. 
I should've told him to keep speaking in that whimsical way,
his voice a song that I so desperately wanted to sing.
I could've told him to lay with me,
to become a part of me altogether and at once.
But I never did tell him how I really felt.

I'm done begging for your love.

I fell in love with
because you loved
me when I couldn't
love myself

 Hold On Pain Ends

We fall in love
We stay in love

Smile &
let everyone know that TODAY,
you're a lot stronger than you were yesterday

A person who loves truly
will never let you go
whatever the situation is.

''YouOnlyLiveOnce'' they say.
I think that


is better.
So I bet my life
I bet my life, I bet my life on you


you are feeling insecure
and like you are not
good enough
you were made by


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