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Take a step back and forget about your heart for a second and think with  your mind

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I'm in love with the shape of you! <3 
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Death is certain. Nobody can escape it. Then why fear death? Live till you die!
i can't remember the last time a guy called me beautiful. not hot, not sᶒxy, not cute, not pretty--but beautiful.
i just wanna show you all of the beautiful things that you are

See that guy?
yeah I like him but i'm
pretty sure he likes her

I dont even really know how to respond to that. So without further ado , I guess I'll just say okay. I understand. We'll figure it all out ; we always do. But about the beach , about just talking to you on the phone about anything ; why is it that it felt like it hasnt been over a year. That it has been merely a few days. Just, why.

See that guy?
yeah I like him but i'm
pretty sure he likes her

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