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I think of all the little things we did.

like when i would crawl into bed with you and cuddle up
to you. like when we would press our foreheads together and we would both have one starnge large eyeball. like when we would just spend a day cuddling on the couch watching tv snd nothing else. like when you would cook me grilled cheese sandwhiches. like when you would kiss my forehead just because you knew i loved it.

i think of all these things offten and just the thought of it brings me to tears because i miss it so bad.

like tonight it seems i should still be there with you crawling into bed with you at this very moment cuddling up to you.

-Love You .
One Direction Update
1/28/15 11:50 PM EST
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! Unfortunately, there is literally nothing for me to update on today. I don't think any of the boys were seen. And if they were they weren't doing anything exciting. There's tons of drama in the 5SOS fandom but none here!

No rumors or links! 

Your mind is an old book,
Ripping at the seams,
Missing pages,
But priceless.
When people go under water in movies I hold my breath to see if I could have make it, I die most the time.
I wanna get lost in the graveyard of my mind,
Cause that's where true life is.
were all broken but as long as your here to hold me up we'll be ok 

Today the guy who really
likes fractals made a dragon
curve fractal out of scrap
paper. When I saw it,
I just started laughing at him.

It's fun having a friendship
entirely based on fractals.

Trees and Leaves by Me

I think the problem was that I thought I didn't care.

That in roaring drunkenness I set flame to thoughts.

I told the world I didn't want to be restrained anymore,

And I thought you had laced me in chains of eternity.

But it wasn't you, I had forsaken myself to forever.

Because when I unbound myself you became wild.

Straddling the autumn wind like little withered leaves.

And I, I was a tree deeply rooted to soiled memories.

I can’t change my stubbornness as it is planted,

unless I shaped the earth around me-in all its pieces.

I think the molding is enough to change the world.

Because they never thought a tree could move.

And in this stubbornness you will finally see,

I wished to love the lively leaves surrounding me.

You, wished to cling to anything that would nurture.

You wanted protection and compassion from

But I, demanded a love unconditional-as it laid in another.

So I must find new leaves in the air to mother.

I never wanted to watch you shrivel up in loneliness.

But I couldn't bear seeing a purpose if there was no forever.

Because you just want something to cling on and share no eternities-

I did what I had to and set myself free.

You wanted roots and limbs to prosper and give you life.

While I was in search of leaves to bond in lifetimes.

And damn may I admit the truth to you darling?

I was hoping you had felt the same.
am i the only one in the world who has a sick love for the feeling of sinking into a verry deep verry black hole a pit of dispair feeling like your drowning your kicking and screaming fighting for your life to find the surface and when you do breakinginto the surface and finding your breath feels like being reborn finding life when you thought it was lost for good is it wrong to feel pleasure from pain ? if its wrong then i guess im a sinner i always craved the feeling drowning and crawling back to the surface only to do it all over again i was never brave enough to travel too deep into the abyss i could always see the light onvthe other side ev men if it was faint it was always there and im so glad i always came back i used to thing that i didnt care about anything but now i know that i care so much that it hurts i feel like i could never go back to those days that pit it long gone now but oh how it temps and tests me me trying to pull me back in i shall never fall for it again no matter how sickening good it felt liveing life numb is no longer what i desire i wish to feel everything to the fullest but why cant i ever express how i truely feel i hurt the ones around me by shutting my heart behind a glass wall they can see but never feel i wish i could break it down but i have no idea how 
You're beautiful.
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