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I was looking for my self esteem

But then I realized, it's been gone too long to find it again

dad: "You can't be a tattoo artist! You'll never succeed!"

Me: *gets a tattoo apprenticeship*
me: *makes $7000 over summer painting shoes*
me: "whatever you say man..."

I don't sugarcoat most

things I talk about

because I think it's

important for people to

understand the cold

truth about some things,

which are bitter, not sweet


Why do people think that telling someone "It's not that bad, you'll be okay...I think you can get better, stop worrying" really makes it better

It doesn't. It doesn't make a bad thing "less bad"

Saying "you'll be okay" doesn't make you okay

Saying "I think you can get better, stop worrying"

doesn't make you magically all better, or cause you to stop worrying

AWAKEN PEOPLE OF THE NET!  Our time is now!
BEST FRIEND I pretended not to love you for so long because I was always that girl You’d turn too when things wouldn't work out, I was scared If Told you how I felt it wouldn't be the same like now. I got scared held my guard up and pushed you away look where it got me now. You’re happy doing your own thing and have something we can never have but there’s no telling what will happen later, I just hope when you read this to know I cry every night thinking how I could have done it all different and we wouldn't be in this situation..
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"I was only 41 years old, i loved Ducklord so much, i had all the stuffed ducks" "
I prayed to Ducklord everynight before bed, thanking him for the duck i've been given"
"Ducklord is love i say, Ducklord is life"
"My dad hears me and calls me a ducker, i knew he was just jelly for my love for Ducklord"
"I called him a Quacker"
"He slaps me and sends me to bed"
"I'm ducking now, and my duck hurts"
"I feel a warmth moving towards me"
"It's Ducklord!"
"Ducklord grabs me by its big powerful duck wings"
"Ducklord: *secci time*
"My dad walks in on us"
"Dad: *sees Ducklord ducking a ducker*
"Ducklord: It's all ducking now" "
Duck flys to a pond"
"Ducklord is love, Ducklord is life"
"Its never ducking"
Going to How to Train Your Dragon tomorrow... 

Or marriage counselling as the wife calls it.

The world is so focused on losing weight and being skinny, when they really need to be worried about gaining common sense and the ability to see a person's inner beauty, and not just their appearance

Just a fact

Losing weight doesn't make you special

Being a good person does

I'm a sympathetic person, but when people start turning serious issues into disgusting trends, that's when I lose my ability to feel sorry for them
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